• Pick Top 5 Areas of Focus….     
  • Be aware of the concept of Time
  • Know Yourself
  • Reflect on your progress and production.
Tip No 1

5 Areas of Focus..

In order to progress in your life or business it is best to have a strategic plan of some sort.   A plan that helps you to make informed decisions that will help you move forward to your goal.

These areas of focus are to be your guiding star – basically what you live by or what is important to you.  The values you set for your business and your life.

The areas of focus then assist you to set goals and tasks.

Be aware of Time

Setting time frames and limits allows you to not get bogged down in mundane tasks or to go off following sparkly things as we have a tendency to do.

It allows you to keep in the present moment, thus keeping you focused on the activity and whether it fits into your Area of Focus.

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself, what you value, what you react or act on allows you to create areas of focus and a business that aligns with your greater purpose.

Being congruent and honest with yourself– allows you make decisions based on your ethics and values. 

This takes time to achieve, as we all have our own fears and issues to work through.  Personal Development is the best way to create grow as a person. 


A best practice is to reflect on the results you achieve.   Most businesses reflect on the outcomes they achieve and how they perform, with surveys and feedback from their customers.

As an Entrepreneur – it is up to you to reflect on your own progress to see it aligns with your beliefs and the outcome you wish to achieve.

This is a difficult process that makes people uncomfortable as it often means looking deep into your own performance.  Take 5 minutes each day to reflect on 

  • What you did well
  • What did you do not so well
  • What can you improve on next time.

If you follow this simple 3 step process, you will notice improvements not only in your business, but also in the area of personal growth.

Here is a great resource that helps you categorise the areas of focus.

18 Minutes Find Your Focus, Master Distraction and Get Things Done

Every task that you want to do –  should fit into one of the boxes you create to help you grow your business or life.

So rate the items on your list and see if they are aligned with what you want to achieve this year.  Do any of the things you are doing contribute to making your life different.

Stop doing the things that don’t matter – do the things that do!

Tip No 2

Use a diary – be definite about times that you are available  – set when and where and it will get done.    There is more commitment to the task if specific times are set. 

Diaries also keep you realistic as to how much you can fit into your day.

If you just work off of a TO DO list – it can go on forever.  A calendar forces you to make smarter strategic decisions about what you are going to do.

I recommend working out a Daily Method Of Operation.

Here is a video I have done explaining the use of a DMO and how to prepare one.

Most of us only use our diary to put in appointments related two work… however if you have a network marketing business and it is your passion, you will find that no matter where you are or what you are doing, your business is part of your every day life.

Therefore, it makes sense to factor in all aspects of your day so you get the most out of each and every moment of your day.   

Tip No 3

Set timeframes –   give yourself a time limit to achieve a task – and review as you go.   Often we can get sidetracked by “sparkly” things  and before you know it – you are off track.   

Review how you are going every hour – this allows you to assess if you need to continue or readjust.

Ask yourself  – 

  • is what I am doing the right now the most important thing.
  • Am I doing what I most like to be doing.
  • Am I being the person who I want to be.

If your task aligns with these three things – you are being productive.


Setting specific times and tasks ensures that you are doing what you need to do to get where you need to go.

The most free people are deeply engaged and deeply lost in their work – but with boundaries around that work, they can be in the moment, aware of what is happening for them. 


Once you start doing things differently, and becoming aware of the rituals you have that may be keeping you where you are., you can begin to do life differently, create wealth, and freedom.  

My time management skills are horrendous.  Everyone will tell you that.  I am always late.  Recently however, this was put in perspective for me when I was reading an excerpt from 18 Minutes – find your focus, master distraction and get the right things done.

In the book, Peter Bregman mentions that the Jewish Book of Law (the Talmud) says that running late is stealing the time of the person who is to meet you.  Not in those words of course.. but along those lines.   This got me to thinking.. I really don't value the time of others.   My time is more important, because if I am in the middle of something, or have "things" to do – I would like to get them done before I attend other appointments.

In managing your time, valuing other's time is important.   After all, you get what you give and by respecting others they, in return will value your time.

Another way to value your time is to say "No".   This is a thing I do not do.  I am always trying to keep everyone happy.   I didn't realise this was a trait of mine until I completed a personality questionnaire.  

Understanding yourself is the first step toward keeping in touch with your values and what you wish to achieve throughout the year.


If you have ever completed a Myer Briggs Personality Style Questionnaire you may have heard of the 4 different styles of personality.

I am a ENFJ personality type.  One of the traits of NF characteristics type people are to be supportive of others, sympathetic, into relationships, interactions … this means we often dont say NO –  our achilles heelll is "Guilt".     Our reasons are our own – however by saying no we feel guilty – that we have upset someone else.

Until I understood that it was just part of my personality – I never realised that by saying yes I can do that, yes Ill help, yes, Ill be there – that I was overloading myself and in effect letting others down, because I overcommitted – and often could not manage my time appropriately to get me to all the things I agreed to do.  

Learning to say no is beneficial to your acheiving success.  Knowing what you wish to achieve allows you to set boundaries for yourself and your business – and thus at the end of the year/day/moment – you can look back and say.  Yes Ive achieved all I set out to.