Hi everyone,, Just a quick post,,   —  wanting to say thanks for visiting my site  – seems to go up and up daily..  amazing..    Just in case you are looking for some reasons to come back.. I just wanted to let you know I'll have that   $$$%%^^^^  newsletter thingy working soon  (I hope.. technically challenged  :)) so you can opt in.     Im working on the actual newsletter  –  and an ebook – 3 step system to help you do life differently – it's full of practical ideas… (didnt know I had so many) DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT… While you wait for it  –  Would you mind completing a short survey only 3 questions so I can work on some extra products to help you change/improve your life. Please please please   TAKE THE SURVEY HERE –   thankyou thankyou thankyou IN THE MEANTIME – TRY THIS If you TRULY – and I mean really want to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. – Find a glamour makeover.   They are amazing… I was fortunate to win 2 free sittings with different studios at an expo I attended recently.  Also at this expo – just in case I didnt win – which I was confident I would – I purchased a discounted sitting – $50 and a free portrait.    Long story short yours truly ended up with not 1 but 3 glamour photography shoots. Now being the greedy person (oops) deserving person that I am – I actually went and did all 3.  The thought did cross my mind to give them away – but hey – I DESERVE a treat. So Im going to write about this experience shortly.. but suffice to say – treat yourself to a glamour shoot.  They are EMPOWERING   –  to see yourself through the eyes of a photographer is inspiring.  You do not know how much potential you possess until you are shown.  I did not believe my eyes (and I wear glasses) – when I say how absolutely stunning (and vain) I am.. from the inside too.. If I really push myself out of my comfort zone I might just might, probably wont, but hey.. post my before and after shots on here  so you can see what I mean…    find yourself… Ill tell you more in another post…   Also   –  Im writing some posts for a webite about an amazing lady who cured herself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – hows that for doing it differently…  so I shall be a bit busy there…     check out  www.rawglow.com. MY LIFE IN SUMMARY – WHATS DIFFERENT Im taking on my exciting things that I never dreamed I would be capable of – writing for someone else.. Writing an e-book  – and a newsletter…   as well as more blog posts,,  as well as getting this site more functional – so you can actually participate..   and Im going to do a review of THE most awesome book I have read to help you with you love life – and how to improve that..      and theres plenty of other new stuff coming… Thanks for following….. AND  – theres a free set of steak knives here as well   –  just jokes..