This morning while putting on my makeup my mind was in totally separate zone – I was writing an article on  ?? forget now.. but it was good.

Seems all the writing I do comes to me when Im in the bathroom and I never manage to get it out of my head .. see this article I wrote about that

Im always going off on tangets, I wrote an article about that (see the Sparkly Syndrome) –  – but returning to exactly what I started writing about here…   whilst writing an article about ??? gratitutde  cant remember what was in my head now, I wasnt totally focused on that however,  I was multi-tasking.

My head was thinking, thinking thinking and my hands were applying foundation to my face – or at least that was were it was intended. 

It was only when I had finished writing the article in my head and putting on my makeup, when I came to sit down to type up that amazing article I prepared earlier in my head, that I actually had managed to get the vast majority of my foundation onto my blouse.. Well, panic sets in – foundation will leave an undesirable stain if I don’t do something immediately. 

The article went out the window and I went off to soak my blouse, get changed, check my makeup – and by then had to go to my daily routines.

Now Im presenting several main principles here.. but Ill spell them out for you in case Im not being clear (as I tend to not be)

1.       BEING PRESENT…  in the NOW  – paying attention to what you are doing  – gets you better results than having to redo things. 

2.       When you Panic    you get sidetracked into panicking and not focusing on what needs to be done.

3.       When you don’t concentrate    the lesson is gone forever

4.       REDO’s are a pain – but often there is a lesson in them as well.



Most of us go through life… NOT BEING PRESENT – not watching or paying attention to what life is teaching us  – that’s why you keep getting bad experience after bad experience..  – because you are not paying attention to the lesson you need to learn.  

Now its easy to say pay attention and learn the lesson (just ask any teacher!)  but simply ask any student – they will tell you it’s a difficult task.  

They will claim  – what you are saying is boring – or in my case – what the heck are you trying to teach me.. its not making sense and certainly isn’t relevant to me!!

MY POINT  – for those of you who like directness – is

IF YOU ARE PRESENT        watching yourself and not multi-tasking)

THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR     the right job gets done properly

MISTAKES STOP HAPPENING    you don’t Panic and get sidetracked DO OVERS ARE LESS              You move forward with life task/lesson)


Being Present – means you are aware of what is going on for you – good or bad.   Chances are – you probably don’t even know how you feel when you feel good… because you are not being Present, In the Moment, Aware – whatever you want to refer to it as.

Once you identify your thinking, actions and reactions, you then can handle the way you manage situations and thus create massive change in your current life.

If you go about your business totally oblivious to yourself whenever  an event – good or bad occurs – you react as you do – which perhaps creates a domino effect of good or bad events.  Thus creating in your life    happiness or sadness.

When a challenging event occurs and your normal reaction is dramatize or panic – overwhelm is created – and you get sidetracked – you will feel like you are constantly in the same place.   Problem after problem after problem occurs – each time sinking you into greater despair and feelings of uselessness.

Alternatively, if you are cognizant with your actions, thoughts and feelings, – when a situation arises and you are about to react (or over-react, as we tend too) – if you take the time to pay attention to yourself and what you are doing.. you’ll most certainly realise that there is always a greater method to complete the task – or a less upsetting way.

Being clear headed allows you to focus on the results you wish to achieve – not the process of how you are going to achieve it. 


This takes time.. and lots of practice.  

Once you become aware though of how you think, obviously changes begin to occur in your life. 

These changes occur because you begin to think of how things affect you – and why they affect you.  You can accept things if you need to – or alter them if you desire to. 

There is more to it than just watching what you think, but it’s the best place to start

Id recommend getting a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s book  The Power of Now.  It’s a bit heavy going to start with.. but the right passages will pop out to help you get some understanding of whats going on for you.