In my post about The Value of A Mentor, I explain what a mentor is and the mentorship benefits. Here I discuss the impact of mentoring, so you can take the first step to hiring a mentor right now, right for you.

Watch the great interview below with Dan Lok, – who speaks openly about his rise to success and how he wouldn’t of been able to do it without a Mentor. Listen and learn…

In understanding the impact of mentoring on your beliefs, values and business, you will see e you need to make a decision to hire me (or a Mentor) so you can grow, enjoy work more, and earn more in one day than you do now in a month.

For the longest time, I never understood the necessity of having a mentor, in fact I resisted forever, thinking that I could learn all I needed to and that I could do it on my own.   Oh boy, was I wrong, it wasnt until I got a mentor that my life changed, my beliefs shifted and my business blossomed.

Never underestimate the power of having someone else believe in you, expand your comfort zone and simple impact your life in the most beneficial positive way.

The Impact of Mentoring

The Impact of Mentoring is like having a copilot there to help you out all the way..

So now, here are the impacts of mentoring…

At minute 9.09 hear –
its never lack of resources, its a lack of resourcefulness”   you may have no money, but you will have time, so you can put in effort.
“you can have a great produce or service, but if you dont know how to get it out there and get people to pay attention, no one will buy anything”

Minute 9.46 – what to do to get business –    add value first before you ask for anything.
What is the most important project you are working on that I can add value too.  Relationship capital is worth more than anything else in the world.

12.52 – Big ahhha..  13 business, maxed out credit cards, loans from relatives, burnt bridges.. but it was a belief in self, that drove him.    Sometimes debt beats you down so much that it makes you desperate to make it work.  When you have no choice, you get as creative as you can, and opt out of the safe option.
When you are in debt, having a job, on a minimum wage, with no credentials and little education,  it will take forever to pay off your debt.

Min 15.19 – The Value of A Mentor

You can do all the things successful people do.. vision boards, affirmations and reading all the books of successful people.. but the turning point is when you realise the impact of mentoring.
Study successful people, connect with them, give first (take them out for lunch), try to learn from them.

Sometimes an opportunity is right in front of you, be too dumb to be scared. Just act, be fearless and see what happens next.

To become a master, you have to push yourself past what you believe to be your best.

The impact of mentoring is that you  can dream bigger, value yourself more,  charge more and do the same amount of work.  Practice in front of a mirror to ask for more – to increase your value… then it becomes easier, with no push back.  Listen to your mentor, he will believe in your value more than you do.

How Mentoring Impacts Limiting Beliefs and Mindset

Minute 28.54 – All about limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset…    after you expand your mindset, your identity changes, you grow. Dont underestimate the power of having someone believe in you – when you dont believe in you – it means you can reach more people, enjoy work more and earn more.

Minute 31.00 The most important wealth mindset shift from when money flows and money doesnt is that people, most entrepreneurs overestimate your importance in terms of success –   for example, like horse racing – the jockey is important, but the horse is even more relevant.     Some people think that when they are successful, they believe they are the best, they don’t give the vehicle, the way they accomplish success the relevance that it requires.

You have to BE the right person to make the money… you don’t have to be in the right place at the right time, you have to BE the right person, to have the right skillset, the right mindset, and choose the right way to create the income you desire.    Sometimes it takes a few tries, all learning experiences until you find the best way for you to succeed.   Doing what you enjoy, is a surefire way to create more in one day than you do in a month.

Minute 36 –  what you think will make you happy – wont!.  When you reach success and get time to sit on the beach, doing nothing, with an income coming in – all that happens is you get sunburnt and bored.

Having a mentor helps you think bigger, they teach you to shift your business model, to do things differently, to change your whole idea of how you work, what you do and what you can do.  Build a business around something you want to do, and you enjoy it and grow.

Minute 44.  Partnerships – and how to make the money come.  Don’t partner with people who are desperate.  The best partnerships are the ones with people who think it’s ok if it works or not.

Minute 46 – How to be valued more..

It’s all about self worth… you want to drive up your demand and restrict the supply.  Say to the world, call me any time.. Im available, this makes your value lower than what the market place sets.  By sayingIm very busy, I charge a lot of money and I only take on 2 to 3 clients a year, this makes you more valuable, drives up the demand by restricting the supply,  providing the same service.   When people pay you more money – whatever you pay, you pay more attention.

Minute 47 The disadvantage of not charging for your services.

Dealing with clients on the cheap, they are a pain in the arse, difficult to be with, they demand more from you, are always looking for a deal or a discount,  as opposed to those who pay the most, are easy to be with, they follow through, are assertive, and get things done and its an easier relationship. If I

You aren’t in the business of turning losers into winners, you are in the business of helping winners win more.  they are not looking at the amount they are charged, but they are looking   The people who pay the most, are the ones you spend the least amount of time with.

People who pay more, are busy, working on projects, they get to the point, know what they want, and are looking for results, so just want less time, but more strategy.  Winners are looking for a few elegant ideas.

If I could solve your problem in 20 minutes would you like me to spend 20 hours on it?   Wouldn’t you prefer speed, rather than dragging the problem on and on..

Minute 50  Success is getting what you want, but significance is getting what you got.

Success is being able to have a pre-determined plan, executing the plan over a long period of time and having fun doing it.   Its the journey.. be happy along the way.

Money goes to the people who dont need it, money goes to people who know how to multiply it.  When you are not chasing money – money comes.

Minute 51

Find someone who you resonate with, who you respect, a mentor.  Knowledge is nothing  – wisdom is knowing which one is bullshit and what to do.   Chances are if you could get there by yourself, you’d already be there.   So get yourself a mentor, someone who can show you the way, who can open up possibilities.

Find a mentor who is doing what you want – find someone who cares about what you are doing, go all in.  Get it done, – whether its paying, volunteering.. do whatever it takes.

Now, all this advice is great – but what happens if you don’t know where to start, or how to do any of this. That’s where a Mentor comes in.  Once you connect, you’ll then learn the value of a mentor.

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