So, Ive been bumbling around trying to work out a niche, a product, a thing, – and whenever I settle on one thing.. another seems to pop up. I have a severe case of what I diagnosed (in my non professional capacity) – as the Sparkly Syndrome… you know – when your looking at … oooohhh – theres another bright i……. ooo email message, gee whats that noise outside, better check this video, ahh answer the phone.. Sorry – totally distracted by every (any any) thing else that is going on
So now you may understand the Sparkly Syndrome.. that thing you do when your not completely focused on anything.

Anyway – I diverse… So I was considering my niche.. going through the process of weighing up my passions, skills, hobbies and 15 years of paraphernalia I have gathered whilst working in the employment and social services industry – trying to work out what I could offer of value.
Sparkly things keep popping up – funny how the universe sends messages – and you have no idea what they are saying… kinda like this blog post, but hey – Im amongst friends here so I can waffle on with no point – it is interesting after all!!! Isnt it?
As you can see, I have a challenge focusing on things and thats because of my impatience to find something.. that will be easy, doable and profitable (eventually) 🙂

NO WAY OUT – is that a light at the end of the tunnel.. a train..
Well Im stuck in a rut.. and was considering taking some relaxing, refreshing time out, because my tactic of thinking, questioning, searching – only ends up chasing sparkly things or making awesome circular patterns.
It occurred to me that perhaps there is something in my secondary strengths of impatient, unfocused, lost and lazy -that I can find a way to use or lose those strengths maybe that would be worth teaching others. Surely all those people stuck in ruts, just sitting while the rut gets deeper and deeper or digging madly might like some advice on why they are there. But what would I give them?

You see, what I do when Im down in this hole trying to see bright lights and sunshine… is forget to look up – where the lights are. Im just look straight ahead and tunnel away at the bottom of the hole – into more darkness.
So I was contemplating just sitting down and quitting, then I thought some time out might be good..but I didnt really know where else to go. So this time, I narrowed my tunnelling down to shovel size digging instead of dozer size, and out of my tunnelling – I hit treasure!!!

I came across a video on drive and motivation and it struck a cord with me for two reasons:

1) – it relates to something going on in my world at the moment – that I can help others with
2)- in my mind it explains why people lack motivation, enthusiasm and direction.

So, would it be ok – if you just took some time to watch this video and hopefully you may be able to apply some of the principles to your life when next you feel stuck in a rut – or a door gets slammed closed in your face.

It is designed for corporations, yet I think the thinking applies to all of us, because we are trying to change our lives by those exact same means – autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Watch this video about Motivation – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Hopefully it may give you some insights that you can apply to your methods of influencing others or at the very least it may keep you for getting stuck in a rut.

Next time you might be feeling a little lack lustre, and sparkly things keep shooting past, or you forget to aim for the stars instead of staring at your feet – remember the answer lies in taking responsibility, getting exceptionally good at what you want to achieve and doing it with so much passion and purpose that regardless of the obstacles you will find a way.