Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip. That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship.   This fateful trip destroyed mateship.  Now, The Speed of trustI have a question for you – how quickly do you trust – what is the Speed of Trust for you?

Had a knife pulled on me by a 6-year-old… and a knock on the head the other day, two separate incidences by the way… but they sound good together!  and they got me thinking.

Who do you trust?

Do you trust your next-door neighbour, the sanitation worker, the delivery person, the captain of a ship?

Oh – do you trust your step-parent, siblings – or child at the supermarket? The one who is on the verge of a temper tantrum evidenced by the wide-eyed deadly stare.

Is the only reason you open the door to the Pizza Delivery Person – because they have food – or do you believe pizza won’t harm you.

We hide from Jehovah Witnesses when they come knocking – because we don’t trust them to go in peace.

(I have had the same Jehovah Witnesses for the last 15years come to visit me – whenever I move house, I let them know my new address – we have some of the most stimulating respectful broad conversations!)

What speed does your trust travel?

the speed of trust

Just like steamships – trust is floating away, downriver to crash at the bottom of a long waterfall of disastrous experiences based on unresolved hurts, past pains and mislead beliefs and contorted misperceptions.

Whatever happened to life being like a cruise along the Nile, relaxing, peaceful and a place to make you smile. The water massages the ship, and the breeze brushes your face, and your mind drifts to a far happier place.

Suddenly, reality strikes… like a blow to the head –  a hurt friend, an angry little boy and a lifetime of reflecting on my own experiences lead me to the realisation that trust is the foundation of everything.

It is said that without trust, you have no relationship.

With trust, you can build:

beautiful relationships,

great friendships,

delightful companionship,


The flagship carries the commander of a fleet or subdivision of a fleet and flies the commander’s flag.   When you consider how quickly you trust – or not, what is the relationship between your experiences and the speed of trust you have?

worship – if you don’t trust the teachings, the system, and the process, you won’t believe in the word and religion.  Perhaps too much one-sided belief can turn worship into warship

even horsemanship requires trust – if the horse doesn’t trust you and you the horse – it’s a pretty scary ride.  Like climbing a narrow mountain staircase on the back of a mule, with only a steep drop for company.

It appears that no one wants ownership and we would rather sit in judgeship

With the waves crashing against us, denying the relief and release we strive.

The one thing we do appear to believe in and trust is a hardship.   Daily we struggle to maintain our focus, our freedom, our faith – and we won’t let go of the belief that life doesn’t have to be stressful, disastrous and downright devastating.

We are looking for suretyship – the condition of being sure, certain, a pledge or a promise made to us, against loss or damage, or defaults of some kind.   Longing for others to take on the contract of responsibility for our lives, in case we default on having lived them fully.  Giving up we lose ourselves in the search for leadership, discovering perhaps unknown dictatorships.

Many of us are concerned about being sued, shot at, stolen from (virtually or in reality) – that we twist ourselves in knots of policies, procedures and processes to prevent the often predictably unpredictable.

Thriving on sportsmanship – we criticise their every action, place possible unrealistic pressure and expectations on their performance and roles – to the point that they meltdown and dissolve like sugar in hot water – that leaves a sour taste – all for the brief enjoyment of a championship.

The Journey Begins By Leaving the Shore

Ships need to leave the shore, to trust in the unknown, to create and discover new lands, exotic delights and intense awareness of life.

Yet all too often we chose the ship that is closest to the shore and tied to it. the speed of trust

If you were to set sail, which ship would you prefer to be in?

Imagine this – one captain, aboard his shiny ship – saying: “Come with me, I know the way” – and he had never left the shore….


Another captain, in his battleship, worn and weary, who had survivorship – saying: “Come with me, I’ve been there and know the way – safely there and back”.

Remember all it would have taken for the Titanic to stay afloat– was for the captain to give up his ego and his pride to listen to the advice of those around him… to trust those around him.

It is said that Captain Smith failed his passengers and crew because he did not heed ice warnings, was sailing too fast and did not slow the ship when ice was reported directly in his path – and he allowed lifeboats to leave the sinking ship partially filled.

Not the conditions for a Saintship to say the least.

Now imagine your ship is sinking, time is running out, you have a decision to make.  Will you decide now to try something new – to jump on board and travel to new destinations, to learn, explore, expand your thinking and your life.

Or will you choose to walk the plank, go down with the ship or watch the lifeboats sail into the distance?

To safeguard against your sinking ship –

Of foremost importance, a paramount Cardinalship, if you will

Start your apprenticeship journey into entrepreneurship….

Bestow on yourself, your Lordship, Lairdship or Kingship

and take over Rulership of your ship.

Together we’ll use craftsmanship and gamesmanship to create a township

where you can feel safe and secure – to debunk secret beliefs, gain clarity of direction, turn ideas to profit projects, take action to get results.

I’m offering a scholarship and membership, the opportunity to join me in a partnership – where we can turn your ideas into a profitable side project of immense interest and the possible potential.

Remember lack of trust destroys mateship, so only come if you have a light sabre, a spaceship, a ring, or a strong desire to go where no man (or woman) has gone before.  It’s a great place to start a friendship with like minds.the speed of trust

Are you taking the red or the blue pill? Ready to begin your internship?

Don’t wait too long before the ship sails… jump on board, or walk the plank – your choice.

Suspend your fears, align with your values, begin an adventure now, we sail at sunset.