Forget what you know – stop learning – start thinking.  We are continually in a state of learning, and perhaps that holds us back. 

Our whole lives we are "taught".   Taught what is right, what is wrong, how to do this and how to do that.  

From the moment we start to think independently and begin to explore we are told "Don't".  "Stop"  "Listen to Me".   Always we are being watched over and monitored.    Now this, at times is a good thing, because while we are in the process of learning, we do need some guidance.   Yet at what point does that guidance become a restriction. 

Once you begin to question your parents and other adults about their beliefs, motives and actions – (usually around teenage years, though it seems to be starting way younger these days) – you get into trouble.   Old school thinking of "being seen and not heard"… holds you back.   Your tendency to take action ceases.

Listen below to 12 yrs old Jacob Barnett on how – had he of listened to the "gurus" he would not be speaking, not learning, not doing anything!

I am a continual questionner,  how come, why, what, where… whats that mean.  It drives my friends and family insane.  Things just are they say.  The sky is just blue.. but what if it was orange… how do you know it's blue..   Arrrgggghhhh   they say.. just accept things as they are. 

In order to succeed  – you have to look at everything with your own unique perspective…think in your own creative way.

In order to succeed. – you have to stop "trying"  and start DOING!.    Stop learning, start thinking.  

Dont accept everything that's out there.  Explore what you know, look for alternatives – yes you may come back to the original idea, but at least you now know that the alternatives are not suitable. 

Your perspective might be the only way you can see things…   and that's OK.  People always think things are wrong or crazy, until they catch on. 

Your brain will give you the answers when you stop learning and start thinking…   

We hold ourselves back for fear that SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO US  then we make excuses why we can't do things..   They are just your reasons..  – whenever you say you can't –  you are saying someone else is better than you.    You are saying – You don't believe in yourself enough to explore options.   You don't think other people will see it how you see it and consider it a good idea. 
YOU need to speak up and out.  The World needs you to speak up, to DARE – to SHaRE your experiences, knowledge and particular viewpoint.  There are people every where who are in the same situation or worse.. then what you have endured and they need a guiding light to shed a better way, a different way. 
Regardless of your circumstances in life, rich or poor,  you will always have problems…  you just have to learn how to persevere!   How to THINK and  Adapt your strategy and do even better…  

Learning stops you from taking action – from doing.  A constant state of trying to work things out stops you from being creative and thinking.  That's why you need to focus on taking action – getting in an doing something to change your life, so that it works out as you go.  Otherwise you will be learning how to change your life and what you "should" be doing, instead of going for it.. taking action and thinking about what you wish to accomplish. 

What is your image of success… of freedom…   – We can learn what these are – but until you take action, stop learning and start thinking – being creative, intuitive and risk not being right… or embarrassment, we shall not attain the elusive golden goose or golden egg of Success and Freedom.  

Thinking, instead of learning allows you to do things in less time…. compress your schedule..    Learning takes forever – because things change – we change, our situation, friends, ideas change.   Learning is ongoing… so unless we stop learning – acknowledge that we are in a constant state of learning –  and get thinking – about what we know, how it applies, what is relevant and useful… we will never go anywhere.