Well you may find this difficult to believe as I certainly did but My Opinion Doesn’t Count!!.   Imagine.   However apparently in regard to direct marketing or network marketing, that is the case.

Split testing, is that thing you do when you want to know what works best in your business so you can turbo charge your bonus cheques and recruiting.  Performing an a/b test allows you to find out the best ways to promote your product, opportunity or business.  Split tested landing pages and email split tests give you a first hand glimpse at what is most likely to work.

My friend, David Gilks at  AskDavidGilks.com is always advocating for split testing.   If you do marketing split tests and know what works, you know the outcome for certain – unlike when you have a pregnancy test – there is usually an element of surprise.

Anyway, lately a lot of things have been presented to me around testing – eye tests, random breath tests, aptitude tests, personality tests, (thankfully no pregnancy tests) and I was thinking there’s a bit of a coincidence that so many things about testing are coming up for me.    Must be time to do a split test, or at the very least, look for some split testing software.

You see with split testing you can zero in on what advertising works and you know the results before you go to market.  You measure the potential outcomes against a control that you have previously ran. 

If you are not split testing you are making a big mistake and losing yourself money. You can grow your income by knowing what your audience wants.    I think it is something you grow into once you have been doing a bit of online marketing.

So I didn’t really consider how to split test – really how hard can it be – everyone is doing it, so I set out to do my first split test. 


Well, now Im thinking the only thing that is going to be split are my list and I – cos, as interesting and informative as my newsletter is (and this particular one was – because I changed the format and included some extra useful links to great opportunities and information about blogging and travel) – I made a slight miscalculation – and Im thinking everyone got my newsletter twice.   

There didn’t seem to be anything to difficult here – click split test, a portion of my list receives one newsletter and another portion the second option.  The half that gets the most clicks – is the winner and the rest of the list gets that version.   Too easy.   Click ok  – away it goes.

So then I get a message saying my newsletter with this heading has been sent – great – and I happen to notice it says to the whole list..

Then I get a second email saying my newsletter with the other headline has been sent – to the whole list.  

Yet there are many positives to this:

         if they don’t open it the first time, they might the second,

          I get to write another newsletter apologizing for my technological inadequacies

          and Ive learned how not to split test.

I also know which heading worked best – so I got what I wanted.. and those that received it certainly would have gotten way more than they bargained for.

Split testing keeps you Real also – because no matter how good you think you are at copywriting and such – you are not always right – and you cant pick what people will like (well maybe not until you’ve been doing it a while).


Split testing lets you experiment with headlines and such, yet you have to keep remembering that you are not preaching to the converted, so what resonates with you may not with your target audience.

I learned this lesson once when I was making bead earrings.  I made all these “beautiful” earrings, in the colours and styles I liked.   For some odd reason, I still cant explain, I also made a pair that I thought were horrendous.

I took them and showed them to some friends.  You’ll never guess which ones were selected the most.  There is just no accounting for some people’s taste. 

Anyway I know the psychology and theory behind marketing, but field testing is a good way to be certain. 

Tom, “Big Al” Schrieder once said.. “amateur research and amateur preparation gives amateur results”

Well this amateur is off to find tune my split testing technique and stay real by learning how to use some website and split testing tools.