If ever you go to McDonalds and just ask for a burger – nothing more – you will always be asked “Would you like fries with that”.   There’s no pressure – it is just good customer service – where the staff are value adding by helping you to enjoy your meal more.  You would appreciate this act of service as it adds personal value to your meal and allows you to enjoy your food?         That’s True Value Adding.

Have you ever bought a battery operated toy only to get home and realize you forget to buy batteries – had the sales assistant provided a value added service they would of offered batteries  – you would certainly of appreciated it.  The true value of having batteries is showcased in the joy on a young person’s face when they begin to play with their toy.

Whenever you are faced with a problem – and someone suggests a solution –would you find that useful? Would the outcome of that solution hold true value for you.

 May I value add some personal value here for you?  If you are a lover of words – you may value this –

 Do you ever Floccinaucinihilipilificate?  


“Huh” – you say?    

 that’s  floccinaucinihilipilification – –  to “estimate or categorise something as worthless” – –  From the Latin  flocci pendere, “hold at little value”  or floccipend – “regard as insignificant.   

Within the Empower Network   (a easy to use blogging platform) we are provided with exceptional value.  There is always something else to be value added that will take  you to the next level.   The resources, the experience is priceless.    The potential to change your life, improve your lifestyle, create wealth and freedom, cannot really be capped at a particular dollar value.  Do you value the training and knowledge shared in webinars, videos and blog posts.   Have you ever estimated the true value of the work of others?

Then there is the question of  your personal values. Does your list of personal values align with your list of business values?     Can you list your personal values?   There are no right or wrong values – just a list of personal values 

Here are 3 resources that delve more into the different categories of Value and how to apply them to life and your successful online business. 

  • "Think and Grow Rich"    by Napoleon Hill…    speaks of the Values of Quality Quantiy and Spirit.. 
  •  Edward  De Bono’s, “The Six Value Medals”    – shares how to categorise your values and beliefs so you can make better decisions
  • Alyss Thomas, MSC.. shares 195 values in her book  “The 1000 most important questions to ask Yourself”

 I write more of how these concepts apply and can assist you in creating a list of personal values to live and work by further down. 


 For a long time I didn’t “value” – other people’s knowledge.

I valued their experience as I could see their results and can always learn from that – but I did not appreciate or value the information they were sharing. 

You see, because I did not understand the use of what was being offered, I did not value it.   In fact I unknowingly  practised floccinaucinihilipilification –   felt that what I was receiving was “worthless” as it did not seem to benefit me in anyway.  How often do you “hold at little value” things in your life – whether they are material or emotional? 

I often see people undervalue their knowledge and life experience.   I am guilty of this myself.  For a long time I felt that what I had experienced was just everyday stuff – however, once you learn the to value your own knowledge more – and in turn the knowledge of others, it is easier to move forward online.

Here’s an embarrassing extract from one an online conversation with a mentor of mine… 

There's a disconnect here between learning and the value of that learning/info.”

Here is a excerpt from a response of mine to:

“Things are only of value to the person who benefits from them, so if there is no outcome or result, then obviously they are of no value.   Hence why Im trying to get results out of the things I buy.

How can something be of value if it doesn’t change a situation?  Im stuck somewhere in a mindset obviously… that if there is no outcome then there is no learning – or value..”

Now Im not particularly proud of this, I am sharing because I wanted to point out to you how to Value information and if your mindset is stuck – perhaps this may be of use to you. 

It is one thing to have strong values and beliefs – another to know how to apply them.   If you would like to clarify your values – or discover them and create a list of personal download a free Value Quiz to help you prioritize and become clear on what is important to you.   Completing the value questionnaire will help you prioritize and become clear on what is important to you

PERSONAL VALUES                                                                         

Those  things which we believe are of greatest importance to our lives.  Your lifestyle decisions  are based on your personal values.   Having clear values allows you to prioritize the choices you make.  True values guide you when you are faced with difficult situations so your life is based on what is important to you.



Values can be thought of as precious jewels.  Values make you unique.  Values, when compatible with career choice allow you to be happy and successful in a particular car eer.  You should (as far as possible) recognise your primary values – and search for a career  or network marketing opportunity that i s congruent with your core values.

  For example – if you value life – it would go against you to work in an abortion clinic… or if you value the environment it may be difficult for you to work for a company who does not appreciate our world.    If you value health, it would make sense to promote health products, if expressing your emotions, sharing your feelings, being grateful are important it would be good to find an opportunity that lets you share your appreciation. 

Values define who you are.  .    I have a strong belief in honesty – it is worth a lot to me for people to be open and honest.  To say what they think – don’t beat around the bush with me.  Say what’s on your mind – if you offend me – that’s my problem.


Can you list your personal values?  If you were seeking value in this article – what would you look for?   At the end of the article there is a link to a short, easy Values Quiz.   It is useful to gauge your values.    Please let me know at the end of the article what you found “valuable”.

Alternatively do you undervalue your own knowledge, experience and service.  A lot of new online marketers and possibly some that have been doing this a while – undervalue themselves and their knowledge.  I know I did.  This is turn lead me to floccinaucinihilipilificate other’s value.   Because I undervalued my knowledge – I did not regard as significant the knowledge of others.


The main point that you hear regularly if you are new to online marketing is – “Add Value”.    All the training and network marketing guru’s will tell you when your starting out – connect to create followers, offer value, solve problems and then offer a solution to their problem (that’s not selling either – that’s a way to add value).

Understanding your core values and how to apply them to your online business will allow you to move forward and create wealth and success.

Look at what is important to you in life – do your actions reflect these values.  

If a core value is respect – do your actions reflect this is what you say and do on and off line.   Respect requires a non judgemental approach to situations – are you able to do this?    You may hold certain lifestyle values – (these are the ones that influence your business/employment decisions)  – like working to achieve wealth and security,  putting others needs first, getting things done, be spontaneous – and many more. 

Applying these values allows you to connect with like minded people, pursue interests that are congruent with your beliefs – and ultimately allows you to live the life you desire. 


In reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – (a must read for anyone seeking to change their lifestyle).

He speaks of Quality and Quantity of service and equally importantly – “Spirit” of service.   


                   is related to performance – the most efficient manner to provide a service


                        is the habit of providing the service with a view to increasing the amount of service

                        as skill improves through practice and experience.   

In creating wealth and an online business – the emphasis is on habit.


                      is connected to attitude – the way in which the above are carried out in order to

                      receive cooperation from fellow like minds.


The best way to add Value in your business, or online is to over deliver on Spirit of delivery.   Having the enthusiasm, commitment and drive to provide exceptional service, is an essential value.   You cannot survive on Quality and Quantity alone. 

So how do you develop the value of Spirit as this is essential to success.



Delve deeper into your own Values.

There have been many studies on Value – here are some that I have read that held particular “value” J  for me.

In Edward  De Bono’s book, “The Six Value Medals”   he explains Value as – what we consider important.   We may not be consciously aware of our values.  This is why continuous personal development is a necessity.  Once you are aware of what is important to you – it is easier to define and make a stand for your beliefs. 

With regard to Network Marketing –  Competence, Information and Technology are used to make you stand out.    These are how people can “judge”  your Value – or Worth.  If you show that you are competent, can provide information and by understanding technology – you can provide value.

However, you can go one more step.  We now need to add more value. 

Here Edward De Bono adds 6 more Value Medals (or areas of importance):

  • Human values                                    how people are affected
  • Organizational                                    purpose of club, business
  • Quality                                              direction- what are you trying to achieve
  • Innovation simplicity &creativity           looking at things differently           
  • Environmental                                    impact on community,
  • Perceptual                                         how does it look – or can be seen

Adding value by incorporating the above values allows you to cater for people’s needs in a more in depth way.

When you perform a duty, offer advice, write a post – or carry out a service – to add maximum value – consider whether the above values are being met. 

Is your information affecting people in a positive way – uplifting them,  catering to their need for recognition and praise.   (You are doing very well by the way to have read this far.. thank you – I appreciate you!)

What is the purpose of the information or service that you are receiving – does it contribute to society, – by creating products and services, providing employment, make money for shareholders/self.  

Are there any creative and innovative benefits to your knowledge.  Is it original?  – After all we are not given our own unique experiences just to keep the info to ourselves.!!   Did you know that not everyone believes they are capable of creative results?

“That which we obtain too easily we esteem too lightly.  It is dearness only which gives everything value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goals.”   Thomas Paine.

Unlike Heaven, I am not going to ask that you die to be able to access the value I can provide.  

Finally – what is the impact of your service – or the value it creates on the environment or on 3rd parties..   Do you value other’s by considering the impact of your actions. 



Victor Frankl –  a jew, a Prisoner of War and a psychiatrist –  suffered horrible torture, torment, and indignities in a Nazi death Camp.   One day he decided that no matter what was taken from him the one thing that he had control over was how it affected him…. 

Frankl suggests that there are 3 central values –  

  • Experimental            – that which happens to us
  • Creative                         – that which we bring into existence, and
  • Attitudinal                         – our response to difficult circumstances

By defining values in this way, we can assess how we react to situations and evaluate what to place importance, value or worth on.  

The bottom line is this –  everything and everyone has value to add to this world.  

All you need to do is believe in yourself, your lessons on this planet have not been just for you alone – use what you know to benefit others.   Help them to not suffer or go without.

Adding value is about sharing your interpretation of a situation,  an idea or an opportunity.  We all learn differently – we all take in information differently – we all have had different experiences that shape our interpretation of things – therefore it is important that we ALL add value to the world by sharing out thoughts opinions and experiences with others. 

PS – If you finally want to share your value with the world – get started now by checking out this awesome programme that you get paid to use.


PPS – like everything of value – there are lesson involved in creating the success that you desire… so the sooner you start the quicker you will achieve it.   Don’t wait until you feel like you know something – You KNOW NOW… so act!.




Once you have completed the Quiz – get back to me and we can go over the results and see how to apply them in your life, wealth creation and success strategies.  

Id love you to leave a comment below and let me know if you found this of value  🙂