How Often Do You Try Your Best?   Do You Try, Or Are You a TRY HARD or are You Just Plain TRYING!


What does it mean to try your best?  Do you know How To Try Your Best at what you do.   Lately I’ve had some comments on my facebook page Doing Life Differently, about people TRYING.  They’ve been trying to say the least.  

What’s it mean to “TRY” anyway…

“To try is to invite uncertainty. Where confidence goes, success usually follows.”

Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars..

What Does it Mean to Try Your Best?Try Your Best


It seems to me people are confused.   It would appear that they are not making an effort, not striving to accomplish anything – they are just giving it a go.  Testing the waters to “see” what might happen.

If you just give something a go, and it doesn’t work, well it seems like you may try your best and that it didn’t work or wasn’t going to work anyway.  Having a go, trying – lacks commitment.   Its accepting failure.    Here’s the thing,  most people Quit after they have a try.

Have they missed the point of trying –   To try your best is only the first step in success.  Then you have to keep trying and trying –  tweaking, changing until you master it.

When I was young, that’s what my parents used to say  “Just try, have a go”.  They never mentioned finishing the job.  Completing the task, sticking with it until you got it right, or at least better at it. So my whole life – all I ever did was TRY.     Like if you “try your best” – and it works out – its a fluke.  To “try” sounds like the outcome is in someone else’s hands.    To “try” – means there is no skill, its just luck.

There’s no luck at being good at something you have to work at it.     You don’t try to to sleep – either you do or you don’t, and if you don’t sleep – you keep at it until you do.   You can’t not be asleep, -because if you are not asleep – you are awake.    That’s not trying, that’s doing.  You don’t try to be happy – either you are or you aren’t.  If you aren’t happy, don’t try to be happy – do it,  – change what is making you unhappy. Work at it…. until you are.

TRYING IS TRYING…. my thoughts on trying your best.

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So my final thoughts are  – Stop Trying and Start Doing!.    Do Your Best all the time, don’t just try to do your best.   If you want to do a different life…. to change something, everything or just one thing, go here, book an Adventure Discovery Session with me and don’t just try your best, get all in and DO IT.

Here’s a post I wrote about Jacob Barnett –  a young 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with Autism. He was told of all the things he would not be able to do.

He tried and defied the odds… he says Stop Learning, Start Thinking. Think in your own creative way!   If he can do it.. you can.!

He gives great examples of people who didnt give up on trying, regardless of where they were at in life.   They had to stop learning but not thinking…

Often this is what people do…   they stop trying -and they stop learning .. and they don’t THINK either..

Stop trying,   just do it..  Go Do It!

Connect with me, ask me how   –  and we can work out a Plan to get you DOING something rather than simply try your best.

The Free Dictionary define’s “TRY”:

               try  (tr)       v. tried (trd), try·ingtries (trz)

1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to ski.

2. To taste, sample, or otherwise test in order to determine strength, effect, worth, or desirability: Try this casserole. Try the door.

3. Law

  • To examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process.
  •  To put (an accused person) on trial.

4. To subject to great strain or hardship; tax: The last steep ascent tried my every muscle.

5. To melt (lard, for example) to separate out impurities; render.

6. To smooth, fit, or align accurately.

v.intr.     To make an effort; strive.  n. pl. tries (trz)

GO ON  TRY SOMETHING NEW….. Do your life… Be your life… Have your life.  Don’t just try your best, step up and have a go, get a mentor, learn something new, change what you want.  You have the Power.

Reach out and ask for help – book a Discovery Session, if you don’t  – you will never know what you could accomplish.

There really is no excuse other than you just don’t want to change your life bad enough.!