This article will guide you to understand your money blueprint, therefore helping you have a stress-free life and enjoy work and living more.   Your money blueprint influences the reasons you work, how long you work, and what job you do. Right now, are you working in a stress-free environment and would you do the work you do now if you were not paid so much?

Below are 3 Tips to Receiving Money into your life and also a Money Blueprint Audit to help you understand your money blueprint.    Read on…

What work would you do, if you could do the work you enjoy?

Often we work because it is a means to an end – it’s what we do so that we can enjoy the weekends and live life.  If you work to live and live to work, are you enjoying life?

Do you recall your parents saying to you “learn how to make a passive income” when they spoke about money? No, neither did mine.  Did anyone ever mention to you to have more than one income stream or to work toward having investments and to leverage your skills and knowledge?understand your money blueprint; Create a Stress-Free Life, reduce overwhelm, book an adventure session now

Instead, it was “get a good education, and get a good job.” Or, “money does not grow on trees you know, work hard to earn a living” – things like that.

Can you relate?

Your money blueprint influences the decisions you make about money. It defines your belief about wealth and success and how you feel about saving and spending.


If you are like me, perhaps you weren’t taught how to manage money very well.

Money was something that you worked hard to acquire. Then you spent it on bills and if you were lucky had enough leftover you to have some fun.

Maybe you had fun first and then robbed Peter to pay Paul. That’s how you o stay on top of your bills, working out inventive ways of dodging or extending payments.

Financial awareness and wealth strategies were not discussed around our dinner table. Our chosen work was what we could do to earn the most, not to do what we loved.

If this resonates with you, don’t despair.

There are ways you can improve your financial awareness and understanding of wealth.

The Barefoot Investor” is a book that springs to mind when thinking of wealth strategies. If you don’t think you are up to investing yet, why not start simpler with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

He has many more books like “The Cash Flow Quadrant” and “Increase Your Financial IQ” that you will find useful also.

A classic that never seems to fade is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

There are many ways you can expand your wealth understanding and money blueprint.

Begin to read the Business Insider and Financial Review. Of course, it may not make much sense in the beginning, but hang in there and learn. Look up what you don’t know. Spend time in your local library researching books on wealth and money strategies.


How you define wealth and success influences how long you work, and what you do with your money and time.

Your income level is the average of your five best friends. If your friends only believe they can earn a certain amount, and limit themselves to that, so too will you. We tend not to think more prominent if we are not surrounded by those that do.

Your wealth is defined by how long you can be unemployed and maintain your current lifestyle.   How long would you last – are you wealthy at all?

Here’s a great video by a mentor of mine, speaking about what is possible and how to push the boundaries of your Money Blueprint. I wrote about in my blog “Your Money Blueprint and how it shapes your world.”


Consider this..

Money is an exchange of energy.   If you turn an idea into an outcome – you have exchanged energy for money.   Once you grasp this concept, you are then free to create a stress-free life and the wealth you desire.

Money flows freely from those who do not have it, to those who do. To become someone who does have money, add more value to the world.

What you earn is proportionate to the value that you provide to the world. The more people you serve, the greater the value you provide and therefore the more you will earn.

How can you increase the value you provide to the world?


Your relationship with money can tell you a lot about yourself.  Look at the list below and see if one or more of the statements relates to you.   This may give you some insight into your relationship with money and why you do or don’t have enough of it.   This is the starting point for change.

If your money is:

$  Out of Control –                                 chances are some part of your emotional life is also out of control.

$  Stingy and Tight –                                                  it may well be that you are afraid of love and intimacy.

$  Constantly worried about running out of money –                  perhaps you are afraid of being left alone.

$  Never had enough –                                               is it because you believe that you are not worth enough.

$  Often broke –                                              do you actually feel broken or wounded inside for some reason.

$  Borrowing from others constantly –                                                                                                                                                                                                             do you think you deserve more than you receive emotionally and can these emotional needs be met elsewhere.

$  Money slips through your fingers – never have enough for yourself?  –
perhaps its because you feel you don’t deserve prosperity.

$   If you need financial rescuing –                             this may indicate that you feel needy, alone or unloved.

Money is a reflection of the universal flow of energy in your life.

If you unblock your financial flow, life will flow.  It’s difficult to believe or see that this may change your income or wealth, yet most importantly, once you do a wealth belief audit and acknowledge your emotional connection to money, things do change.


What can you change with your finances?

Consider the above explanations and sit with them awhile. Ask yourself if you can see where these are occurring in your life.   You may recognise more than one. Question your beliefs around money, where did they originate from, are they serving you?

Become aware of where your money flows to – and notice ways that you may be able to change your money habits.   Question your purchasing, spending and saving habits.

Firstly, it takes awareness, then it requires opening up to receive money (and everything else) also.

If you’d like to chat more about money, success and wealth – and how you can create a stress-free, relaxed enjoyable life while you earn more in one day than you do now in a month, book a free adventure session with me at     Chat soon!

Below are some more tips to allow you to receive wealth and abundance into your home.


If you are seeking to bring more wealth into your life, follow these steps. Allow yourself to be open to receiving more income into your life.

  1.  Shift your thinking from scarcity to abundance and begin to notice the ways in which you have more money in your life.   This could be from saving from a purchase or a discount.   Perhaps you are refunded some money. All around you, there is an opportunity to receive abundance and extra income.
  2. Place symbols of wealth around your home.   Money magnets, money boxes, notes to yourself re income coming in.   Leave change where you can see it, so subsequently you can feel that money is all around you.
  3. Write a note that reminds you “Money comes easily and freely to me”.   Put these notes in your purse, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you may see them often.

Elon Musk – developer of Paypal, Spacex, Tesla, and many groundbreaking futuristic ideas says:

“Your Income is a direct reflection of the level of problems you solve in the world”

If you currently feel anxious, overwhelmed, fearful of your future, or perhaps have no future vision, direction or focus then let’s chat. Schedule a free Adventure Discovery Session and let’s see what we can accomplish when you understand your money blueprint better.

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