When I first joined the Mastermind Partner Programme, one of the participants David Gilks instigated a 30 day Video Challenge which was inspired by a similar challenge our Mentor – Andrea Goodsaid had completed.

This is a great challenge to get you more comfortable with yourself in front of a video camera.  Along the way I have learned there is a little more to video recording than just sitting in front of the camera. 

Why would you want that?

Well basically, because video marketing is the way to go.   People get to see you and know you a lot quicker than they do through a regular mailout or email.

You can get your message out there a lot quicker too.   People don’t lose interest because they don’t have to wade through a tonne of words to try to work out what your message is.

So the 30 Day Video Challenge is great to participate in and I would highly recommend it.

Check out these great beginner videos from David Gilks at  www.askdavidgilks.com

and Vitoria Castro at www.vitoriacastro.com.  You wouldn’t know they were “first timers” hey – so natural and relaxed.

I on the other hand, struggled to produce content, and whilst I have recorded them, have not released them to the world.


So when I say it didn’t work.. actually getting them on video presented a bit of a concern.

I found that most of the time my greatest blog or video content appeared in my head when I was in the shower.  Literally standing there (don’t picture it.. scary stuff) – but great posts would pop into my head when I didn’t have a recorder or pen anywhere near me to write them down.   How frustrating.  By the time I was out of the shower – they were gone. 

That’s why I stopped doing the videos – I haven’t come up with a way to get my great ideas out of the bathroom.  And I sure as heck know you wont want to watch them if that’s where I shoot them.  

So I got to thinking why is that – why do all my good ideas come with such clarity when Im in the shower and how can I harness this. 

I am a great driller into “whats that about” – so went off on a tangent to discover why do my best ideas come whilst Im in the shower.

The solution to this was quiet easy – it’s the one place I get peace and quiet, I relax and my head is clear – Im not generally thinking of 300 other things to do.  So in pop all this great blog posts.

Next challenge – recreating that relaxed, clear head space so I can present great videos.    I considered a spa or swimming pool, but both of these options involved elements of nudity and that just didn’t appear to me.  

The idea of meditation came to me, to clear my head and focus, so that is where Im at – trying to get some clarity so my blog posts and videos flow.


Well, lets clarify..  it didn’t work how I thought it would. 

I thought Id sit in front of my computer for about 5 mins (there was no time requirement)  a day and talk about something.  How hard could that be?   I talk all the time.

So sitting in front of my computer and talking for 5 mins more or less – really isn’t that difficult. 

The difficult part was trying to say something that made sense, was relevant and sounded intelligent.    

The difficult part was trying to do it without making mistakes and having to do retake after retake.. (because that was one of the aims also – to get them done in one take..)

The difficult part was trying to not be distracted – even though I was the only one in the room.  

The difficult part was to get the right – mood, view, lighting.

The tricky and time consuming at the beginning part for me – was adding in captions, music and other jazzy things to make it more interesting and real.


All those difficulties really aren’t reasons to stop, and I didn’t.  I just went out and found more information on how to create a video powerpoint, and what content to include, and how to make it make sense.   Surprisingly, I had already purchased a product that covered video content.   I had just not actually listened, understood or applied anything.    Check out the video demonstration I have linked at the bottom.


Once you get over all those reasonably small hurdles, it becomes fun, something you have to do, yet again I didn’t complete it – publicly anyway.  Why – because I found myself pulling over on the side of the road, walking down the street, sitting in a park,  just about anywhere with something to say.  Even if it was just to vent a little. 

So for me,  whilst I didn’t get the 30 day challenge finished “yet”,  I did get comfortable with being in front of the video, and listening to my own voice.

This activity made me more aware of things around me that would make nice “scenes” to have in videos and mostly it helped me to get thinking about content.  

Its easy to sit down and waffle on about anything.. but if you are going to make a series of videos, its good to have them linking together with a message – so that others keep coming back to watch them. 

To that end I have created a powerpoint demonstration of a framework that helps you to keep your message on track and relevant.