There are many things to be grateful for: colorful autumn leaves, legs that work, friends who listen and really hear, chocolate, fresh eggs, warm jackets, tomatoes, the ability to read, roses, our health, butterflies. What’s on your list?

For me being grateful goes deeper than just  acknowledging "things".   To be truly exhiliarated  and learn how to be grateful – consider looking at everything you currently have in your day.  

I am grateful for my home, my bed, my shower, food, family, my job, my computer, my passion.. but beyond these – I need to consider being thankful for the people who provided these "things" to me… my landlord, the property manager, the builder who build the house and put the time and effort into constructing the house, the people who designed the house, the person who invented the shower – I mean why would anyone spend time wondering how to get water out of a pipe stuck to the wall –  but Im glad they did. 

 Looking for things to be grateful for – actually makes your world BIGGER.   You start to acknowledge that there is more to your life than what you        currently see. Learning how to be Grateful – takes time, as we are conditioned to be negative about situations and people.

Thats why practicing gratitude makes sense.   Instead of complaining about what is missing in our lives – be appreciative all that you have.

 If you cant find anything in your daily life to be thankful for.. look at your past –  Im sure if you look at things through different eyes – you may see      plenty to be appreciative of. 

I have experienced a divorce – and whilst that was not the main aim of getting married, I am grateful for a lot of lessons that have come from that.  I am also grateful for my children, for without my marriage I would not have them.    I have journeyed a long way since that time – and now look back at things and see that at the time I was only looking at the situation from one angle – or with one eye open.    Now with open eyes, I can see things differently – and have learned and moved forward. 


Make a collage by drawing or pasting pictures of all the things in your life that you appreciate.

End each day by sharing the things you are grateful for. Take or more particularly make the time to show gratitude.  Send a Card.. check out this great tool.  Its easy.

Take time to look at negative situations and seek out the experience and learning there.. what is the silver lining in this lesson. 

Instead of complaining – delve into the greater things behind the complaint – notice how your attitude changes – and the problem dissolves 

Write about your experiences of gratitude. 


1.  You broaden your horizons

2.  Your experiences deepen

3.  You become happy

4.  No problem is a problem any more  –  it is a learning experience

5.  Energy suckers in your life are replaced with Appreciative people. 

6.  You have more energy

7.  You develop a passion for life – or a desire to experience bigger things. 

8.  People can see that you are different and comment on it – thus boosting your already boosted confidence


I have been thinkng about some successful people lately and analysing how they came to be that way.

As part of a community of people into self development, I have been participating (more like eavesdropping) – on a weekly call and it occurred to me how successful they had all become in the last 12 months since commencing the group.

Isnt it funny that most successful people have a story of “hard times” or bad luck.. before they bounce back to awesome success.

Why is that?

My solution  –  I believe you have to get to place in your life – where whatever you have ceases to be important to you.  Yes, it makes your life easier – but once you become grateful and begin to appreciate the lessons being given, you realise that you can survive  – and you take on board all that you are experiencing in a different light – and grow and become successful. 

I dont want to get to that point in my life, that it doesnt matter what happens – I am going to start by learning How to show gratitude then actually showing gratitude now.. so that I can avoid the pain and agony of despair. 

If you are looking for ways to show your gratitude  –  check out this website… its gives you an easy affordable way to share your appreciation, thoughtfulness. kindness and gratitude.