How often do you assess what is important to you? What you truly Value?

How can you be yourself if you don’t know yourself?

Values guide your decisions, therefore in order to write the story of your life, in accordance with what is important to you  know your values.  Complete the quiz below by clicking the picture, which will take you to a pdf page.  Print it out and circle what is important to you..

You don’t sent yourself up for unrealistic outcomes when you make decisions based on your value.  Anger,  Feelings of betrayal, Criticism, are all signs that you are not aligned with your true values.

When you go by what your life demonstrates you can life an inspired life.

Click the picture below and complete the worksheet you are taken to.  It will give you an idea of what is important to you in life.


Values are those things we believe are of greatest importance in our  lives, and they are different for all people. Your values affect all your lifestyle decisions and help you identify and begin to engage in activities that increase your self esteem. The Values Motivation Inventory is
designed to measure the specific values that are important in your life.

Values can change over time, particularly as you learn to re-assess your beliefs to see what works for you.  Revisit the Values Inventory again to see if things have changed for you.  

Want to know how to interpret the Values Inventory. After downloading and completing the Values Inventory Quiz,   Click here for a detailed explanation of your answers.

Still want more..  Check out Dr John Demartini’s Values Webinar and do the workbook he has compiled to get an even clearer picture of your values and priorities.  Then you will be able to make informed decisions.   CLICK here to check out the webinar!!