So you have landed here because you have taken the Values Inventory Quiz.  If not, may I suggest you go read that page by clicking the link, and complete the quiz, then you can return here and see what is important to you.

By examining your values,

  • you will begin to engage in activities that you care deeply about.

By understanding your values,

  • you will begin to make decisions based on what you want rather than on what others want for you.


  • you will approach life in a more energetic and zestful manner.

Values are those things we believe are of greatest importance in our  lives, and they are different for all people. Your values affect all your lifestyle decisions and help you identify and begin to engage in activities that increase your self esteem. The Values Motivation Inventory is
designed to measure the specific values that are important in your life.

Values can change over time, particularly as you learn to re-assess your beliefs to see what works for you.  Revisit the Values Inventory again to see if things have changed for you.  

Now you have completed the Values Inventory Quiz and below is a detailed description of what each Value means and how it could apply to your life.   If you would like to download a copy of this – just click here.



Add the numbers you’ve circled for each of the twelve sections.  Transfer your totals for each section to the corresponding section below.

The Higher your total – the more important those aspects are to you in making life choices and in achieving life satisfaction.   The highest score you can get for any section is 24.


LOW                Scores between 6 and 11 indicate that you do Not value those types of activities.  These types of activities will not motivate you or help you to maintain your motivation.

AVERAGE – Scores between 12 and 18 indicate that you value these types of activities about the same as most people who take the VMI.

HIGH –   Scores between 19 and 24 indicate that you value these types of activities very much.  They will motivate you and help you maintain your motivation.

Bear in mind that there are many more Values, this is just one example.   Lets get going!



People scoring high on this scale enjoy work that is self-expressive.  They appreciate music and the arts.  They value activities in which they are able to demonstrate their creative talents.   They desire to make items that add beauty to the world.   They enjoy having the time and opportunity to appreciate the beauty in art, people, nature and their environment.


People scoring high on this scale are interested in learning the truth about the natural and physical world.  They discover, collect, and analyse information through scientific research and apply this knowledge to people and society.  They seek the truth to questions about the universe and about the nature of man.  Their search for knowledge and the truth is intellectual.


People scoring high on this scale are interested in activities having to do with natural resources.  They usual enjoy activities that take place in an outdoor setting and work to preserve the beauty of nature.  They enjoy activities dealing with plants and animals in a natural setting.  They have a tremendous appreciation for the beauty of nature.


People scoring high on this scale are interested in protecting people and property against crime.  They enjoy activities in which they help with the enforcement of laws and rules.   They are interested in maintaining their moral, ethical and / or religious standards without conflict.  They are able to accept the values, goals and standards of others.


People scoring high on this scale enjoy activities that enable them to use their mechanical aptitude in applying mechanical principles.  They are interested in how things are constructed.  They enjoy using their hands and like activities involving crafts and trades.


People scoring high on this scale enjoy activities that provide stable income and monetary benefits.  They value financial security over everything else.  They want to feel safe and have all the essentials they need.  They enjoy activities that allow them to operate machines, use their hands to manufacture goods, and use hand-tools.  They prefer concrete situations and do well in organized activities.


People scoring high on this scale are organized and are attentive to details.  They enjoy activities that require great accuracy and typically involve numbers and or money.  They can use computers to complete tasks.  The enjoy activities in which they can lead other.  They want to organize and manage tasks and activities.


People scoring high on this scale are interested in acquiring and accumulating money or other material objects through the use of personal persuasion.  Whether accumulating monetary wealth for themselves or for others, they value selling products to make a profit.  They are interested in improving their financial position ad obtaining things that money can buy.


People scoring high on this scale are interested in caring for and sharing with other people close to them such as family and friends.  They are sympathetic, generous, and loyal to the people they love.  They enjoy having extra time to devote to developing and maintaining personal relationships.


People scoring high on this scale seek to improve humanity by helping people with their spiritual, mental, social, physical and vocational concerns.   They enjoy assisting other people, usually on a one-on-one basis.  They enjoy the activities that allow them to provide service to other people.   They want to feel useful and accomplish things that will benefit others. 


People scoring high on this scale enjoy activities that allow them to plan the work others do.  They enjoy guiding others, solving problems, and making decisions.  Persons scoring high on this scale want to be famous and well known.  They enjoy public life and desire the respect of others.  They enjoy the ability to influence and control others.  They thrive on getting others to follow their preferred course of action.


Persons scoring high on this scale love challenging opportunities. They want to use their talent, intelligence, training and education to the fullest.  They enjoy challenges rather than routine.  They tend to enjoy being involved in a variety of different activities at one time.