WELCOME – to Dr John Demartini’s Webinar on Values.

How to Determine your Values…

Many people have unrealistic expectations and ideas about what society or peer pressure expects.  Values are what you truly place importance on, not what others expect.   Your life demonstrates what you prioritise.
Getting really clear on whats important lets you rely on yourself, you become inspired and you can begin to lead.
Those things that you do, without needing to be reminded, that’s a high priority value.. those activities that you do, only when you are dragged screaming and kicking – that’s a low value to you.

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Click Here to access the Values Determine Your Destiny Workbook.

WANT MORE –  here is a quick Values Inventory Quiz you can take to help you ascertain what areas of your life are important to you.  Then you can begin to make decisions based on these areas.



Click the picture above to download the                 Values Inventory Quiz.

To find out the answers of the Values Inventory Quiz – or what each category means.. CLICK HERE for the meaning of the results you just got.  This will take you to a page that outlines the high and low scores and what they mean to you.