What does success mean to you and is success easy to achieve?

Discover the No 1 mindset strategy for making success easy.

There is a difference between successful people and unsuccessful people… and it’s only one SMALL thing.

Success - What does Success Mean to You?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what makes success easy, lets first consider the definition of success or more importantly what does success mean to you. I used to be disillusioned by success. Success to me,was someone who had accomplished something outstanding, changed the world or discovered a miracle. For me success meant results. Then I got into online affiliate marketing and I realised that being successful meant something completely different.  I had to redefine my definition of success.   In fact, I found a motivational quote for success that reads

If at first you don’t succeed; redefine success.

Minute Richard Branson says –  Just don’t take no for an answer..  If you believe in what you are doing.  Many people will tell you why you are mistaken, why it will never work,  but if you really believe passionately in what you are doing, keep pushing on, keep pushing on and if you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again.. ultimately if you are that determined, you will succeed in life.” More quotes below the video

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“Love what you do, so you can persevere!”   Steve Jobs.

“Just Decide” – Will Smith..

“Raise the standard of what you expect from yourself”   Tony Robbins

If you are seeking success – if you understand what success means to you and you have a problem and you are not seeing a solution…


Change the Question.

The right question will solve your problem.

You are always having an internal dialogue – asking questions and coming up against brick walls…

based on past experiences, disbelief, or limiting beliefs…

Real thinking – is asking a QUALITY question and EXPECTING an answer.

Stick with the question until the right answer appears. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Ask and you shall receive – one creates the other.

The right questions is NOT – Why me?  Why am I struggling?  – All this does is give answers that prove or justify why you.  There will always be evidence as to Why something logically is happening to you.

Instead, ask yourself – HOW can I change this, What can be done to accomplish this – dig deep into yourself and you will be surprised by the solutions that appear.

Hold yourself to a higher standard – demand more from yourself.

You expect your hairdresser to do a good job, your mechanic, the gardener, your doctor, even the checkout chick.  –  You want them to be above average at what they do – and to treat you with the respect you deserve. You want your family and friends to VALUE your input into their life…  so expect more from yourself.

Do not settle for things as they are –   shift your perspective, educate yourself, explore the world – and change your life.

When you question your limitations – you see how they are only assumed limitations.

As you discover your secret beliefs, your limiting beliefs, you uncover a wealth of restrictions, and self sabotage.     Simply because you were asking the wrong question, or you did not even ask the question –  and you were not clear on what success means to you.

Once you are clear on what success means to you – regardless of the problem, you will be able to accomplish your goal and make success easy!.

Once I realised that success for me, is simple to accomplish whatever it is that I decide to do today – then my whole whole shifted!

I AM SUCCESSFUL! – in everything I do, and so can you be.     Discover what success means to you – and get going.