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Hi, I’m Merna.. founder of Doing Life Differently and creator of my lifestyle.

We all dream of being just like everyone else, happy and free, living fun fulfiled lives, yet we never seem to feel confident to speak up or stand out, lose that weight, or feel like we belong and fit in. No matter how hard we try to say and do the “right” thing, you just don’t fit in, and nothing changes. Often you know what changes are needed, but somehow it’s just too hard and challenging to do them.

DOING LIFE DIFFERENTLY gives you the confidence to discover your ability by guiding you to expand your thinking and explore opportunities, and experience a life to enjoy.

What I have may not be for everyone – and that’s OK.

A few years back, I wanted to save everyone.. until I realised that some people might look for help but don’t want to DO anything about their problem. I find that sad and still want to save everyone, but I’ve gotten wiser about this and now help you when you ASK for it and WANT it.

Doing Life Differently certainly has been a journey, but along the way, I have learned many things, gained many resources and experienced growth – personally and financially. Now it’s time to share.

Here’s my sad but true story…

I had the fairytale belief that you get married and live happily ever after. That was all I ever aspired to do.

I can’t even tell you where this idea came from. It wasn’t something that I consciously imagined or set out to do either.

Growing Up, I never really had any dreams about what I wanted to be or do, for that matter.

So I ended up a single mother of two wonderful boys!

I know first-hand what it is like to be stuck in a place you may not have dreamt you would be.

I’ve worked, studied, and experienced the highs and lows of marriage, children, relationship breakdown, divorce, being a working single mother, new relationships, and simply trying to find time to do it all.

It’s very emotionally exhausting, physically tiring and mentally draining. Yet you don’t complain; you knuckle down and get the job done.

After all, you don’t want to let anyone down, and you have a point to prove – that you are capable, responsible and OK.

You concentrate on caring and surviving each day.

As you read this, you may be able to relate to my situation. You may recognise the feeling of frustration and exhaustion of having to manage on your own, struggling day to day with no accurate picture of the future.

It may not even have felt like you were struggling at the time; it was just instinct to carry on.

The Reason Why…

I believe we are given life experiences that are unique to us for a particular reason.

I also know from experience that we receive the same experiences over until we learn the lesson.

Yet, for some reason, we don’t see the lesson of the experience. We choose only to think about the difficulty of the situation or the hopelessness rather than be aware of what we can learn. Ultimately these situations are designed to teach you about yourselves, so you can move forward, create a better life and have all you desire.

Yet rather than improve ourselves, we continue in the same routine wondering why life is so miserable or hard done by.

Doing Life Differently is here to help you shortcut these lessons.

It will allow you to create new normals, a better life and to begin again.

Daring to dream, set goals and achieve all that you desire – or even starting to realise that there is more to life than you currently believe or aspire for, you can do life differently with wealth, freedom and a lifestyle.

Like most of us, I got stuck in a rut, living from day to day doing what had to be done to get through each day. Every day was routine. I took my accomplishments for granted. I never felt that anything I did was such a big deal – I just did what was needed to survive and live.

Does this sound similar to your situation??

I never looked forward, or even considered what would come “later”.

Then Life Changed

One day, it occurred to me – there has to be more to life.

The kids were almost grown by now, and I had been experiencing some free time.

It occurred to me that they may leave home one day, and I would have more time on my hands. WOW. Can you picture what that would look like for you – free time, relaxing, a new car, massages, money to spend on shopping for you, coffees with friends, travel even, learning a new skill.

Once you begin to become aware of the many new opportunities to create more in your life – more wealth, more time freedom, more connections, more meaning (purpose) even – it’s a whole new world!

I knew something was missing but was unsure how to discover or rekindle my enthusiasm for life.

I felt my life was passing by, and I was ill-prepared for all the occurring changes.

Then it hit me… I don’t have any money to retire on or any income that will create that either.!

Understanding how unprepared I was, led to sleepless nights trying to foresee the future and what would happen to me.

Lifestyle Redesign

For a long time, I believed that to be successful; you must have:

  • accomplished some miracle,
  • conquered the odds,
  • discovered the unknown or
  • performed a remarkable feat.

Then I had a realisation that changed everything.

A realisation that allowed me to receive more and “Do Life Differently”.

I have many life experiences: an employee and a boss, a single woman, a wife, a friend, a partner, a mother, an ex, the other woman, a divorcee, a co-ordinator, a student, a daughter, a sister, an investor, a confidant, a coach, a mentor, a trainer, an advice giver, a listener, a problem solver, a problem, a club president, a volunteer, unemployed, lost but most IMPORTANTLY survived a menagerie of conflicting emotions to move forward and succeed.

My journey has been more challenging than some and more manageable than others.

Armed with my life experience, and knowledge and skills gained from my past employment, I began to reassess, rediscover and redesign my life.

My employment history of working with people to move forward, create a better life, and have an improved lifestyle has equipped me with an understanding of the difficulties in implementing change, assessing situations and working through the fear of failure, rejection and low self-esteem.

Having supported many people to more effectively and efficiently assess their lifestyle, develop confidence, discover abilities and improve their circumstances to create more fulfilling lifestyles, I decided to apply this knowledge to my life – and it works!!.

The ONE Missing Piece…

Life can be cruel.

I got stuck in my comfort zone..

  • Afraid
  • Lonely
  • Frustrated
  • Unfulfilled
  • Unsatisfied and
  • Discontent

Until this ONE thing came into my life and completely shifted my attitude – in one hour!

It freed me to put into motion the steps, the training, everything that I had not put into action.

My emotions had swallowed me completely.

This story that I’m telling you now and the low priced programme that you’re going to buy next explains exactly “How

I’ve done what I’ve done,” and is the puzzle piece I was missing.

Chances are –

If you’re feeling a strain on your budget

If you’re feeling that time is going too quickly

Like the ratio of fun time to income-producing time

is always off

That there is no Hope

Chances are –

purp-bullet If you’re feeling a strain on your budget

purp-bulletIf you’re feeling that time is going too quickly…

purp-bullet Like the ratio of fun time to income-producing time
is always off

purp-bullet That there is no Hope

You have the exact problem I did.

I struggled as I searched for something that could ease the frustration of my situation.

My old way of thinking, my fear of a future of skimping to get by and having done nothing, could cripple me. It did turn me cynical, sceptical and pessimistic.

I began searching online.

As you continue reading this, you’ll realise there are many ways to start your path to a different life with abundance quickly.

An abundance of time, plenty of Financial Freedom and a lot of Friends, Community and Connections.

I put aside my distrust of the internet and my lack of understanding of “HOW” it worked and found answers like you.

HOPE appeared as I saw the Potential in Doing Life Differently.

I know you are probably wondering just how much support you will get after joining me today. I can assure you that you’ll be able to plug into our community and get all the help you need immediately from me and others.

It’s a good time to wonder what your life could be like if you make the decision to change because your unconscious mind lets you know that it’s the right thing to do.

You have solved your problem right here.

Listen to what others have to say about working with me.

Merna, you’re a positive role model for good. You inspire me to be a better person. I know I can reach my fullest potential having you as a friend, tower of strength and support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten and help me in my self-discovery journey! You’ve got a heart of gold!! Regency H, Melbourne, Vic

Merna – you have made a difference in our life. Thank you for sharing and the thoughtful insightfulness you have provided.

Matt P & Aland S Toowoomba Qld

You provided a level of insight that enabled me to focus on specific issues.

Grant T Brisbane Qld

Thanks for all your help, you have been a lifesaver in our low times.

Karla, Maggie M, Dee D, Linda O. Toowoomba Qld

Even though things are tough, you do amazing work, you give so much of yourself, it seems so much more than a job to you to be able to touch lives. Dani H Toowoomba Qld

Would you like to start “Doing Life Differently” to see improvement in all areas of your life?

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