By deciding to Do Life Differently, this meant doing some research into ways to improve my life and change those areas that I was not satisfied with. I began searching around the internet and I came across some different ways of thinking. Work smarter not harder. Now there's an idea.

For some reason, I held the belief, that the expectation was girls got married and were "looked after", while the men worked. Thankfully when I had finished school that mindset had changed a little and it was more like work and trade your time for an hourly rate, get married, save, buy a house, work to pay it off and then retire. Hopefully to live long enough to enjoy your retirement.

Ive watched my parents work long hours (I grew up on a country farm – Dad was into cattle, pigs and grain farming) – Both Dad and Mum did a lot of long hours. Ive always worked – usually two jobs – to try to make ends meet. So the idea of working smarter not harder – really appeals to me. Especially as I get older. For some reason, these days, I just cant manage to keep up.

Once I could work an 8 hour day, look after two small children, cook and manage the house, attend a P&C Meeting at night and study. Now Im flat out working an 8 hour day, let alone cooking tea at night. Never mind going out after dark – or concentrating on reading to study. Work Smarter Not Harder – yep that appeals to me. But how do you do that?

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do and so just fell into different “careers”. All of them revolved around helping people to change their lives in some way – from teaching them a new skill, providing personal support and encouragement to connecting them to the right resource.

I got to a point where in order to move any further forward with my career, I needed to gain a “piece of paper”, so off I went to secure one. It has taken me a while to get through this, because I had everyday "life" to do. I even questioned whether it was truly what I wanted to do. How was it going to help me get the lifestyle I truly wanted.

Granted Id have some professional knowledge – and you need that to move up the corporate ladders. Yet, if I was to achieve that – what would I actually gain? I would be working longer hours, perhaps not.. but I would certainly have more responsibility – which could entail working “odd’ hours to say the least.

Finally after much deliberation and a chance opportunity whilst searching the internet for better alternatives, it occurred to me that having the piece of paper would secure me employment with potential greater earning capacity and a more comfortable lifestyle – but not the freedom to enjoy life and living, because I would always be tied to an employer. Again work smarter not harder – how do you do that?


One of my positions involved leading motivational workshops.. based on personal development and during this time, I realised quiet a lot about myself. I got quiet a few ahha moments and lights going on. This lead me in search of more personal development products.

I attended events that got me wondering – how could I live the life I want, with the income I want, yet not be answerable to anyone but myself.

The answer came one day in the form of a home based business. This scared me a little, having failed a few times over the years at party plan businesses and I have no business operating experience. However, having had my mind opened to exploring opportunities, I went ahead and answered the ad.

After speaking with someone quiet a few times, exploring the opportunity and doing my due diligence, I followed through and tapped into a brand new world.

Its not just a home based business, I can do this anywhere – coffee shops, airport lounges, restaurants, shopping centres- anywhere in the world!!.

Now Im really excited about my future – I have never allowed myself to dream BIG, because I never understood that it was actually within my reach – with the right tools.

This opportunity excites me, not just because I have a brand new future, but also because I can continue doing what I love – helping other people to change their lives, improve their lifestyle, and create positive change.

With this supportive community of like minded people, the training and information and the willingness to learn and expand your thinking and experiences, You too can change yor life for the better.

I am on a journey – moving from Employee to Entrepreneur. As an employee I have not moved forward in my life, I have just kept my head above water – often not. Now with focus, commitment and consistent action, I am heading in the right direction.

To a place where I will have the TIME and MONEY to do the things I want, when I want. To help the people who need it.

If the thought of a brand new life excites you as much as it excites me… just fill in the form and I will be in touch, to explain how it all works. There are so many ways to improve your life, change your situation and do life differently it is amazing.

It might be for you, it might not.. either way… you have nothing to lose. Its your choice. You either move forward and gain a life, or stay where you are with your current situation.

Just so we are totally clear. This is not something that you can treat like a JOB. You don’t just show up, do a bit, sit back and get paid.

This is a BUSINESS… It may be a steep learning curve and there will be work to do initially. Obviously some expenses as well but under your control – the results will be reflected in your input, dedication and action.

You can Do Life Differently…

The Invitation is here, The opportunity Immense

Now is the time.