He walked around the 15,ooo ft mansion, showing what it’s like to live there. It brought me to the thinking that what I believe to be extravagant can be, for some “normal”. What you believe to be excessive, can be “natural”. It’s all perception. It made me aware that my money blueprint was to play small.

Have you ever worn an $800 shirt? 

Wow… it feels good. I would not have ever believed it to be any different to an $80 shirt, or an $8 shirt. A shirt is a shirt. Not!!! Quality accounts for a lot.

What value do you put on things, people, information, innovation?  

How you perceive the cost of something does affect your appreciation and understanding of it. Try this:- put yourself in an uncomfortable, excessive money situation and get a feel for your money blueprint.  

For example: – when purchasing from a menu – do you choose by price, or by what you would like to have? The difference between an everyday brand and a top brand – is worth the money.


“Your Income Can Grow, Only To The Extent You Do”

Understanding your money blueprint helps you stress less and enjoy work more, as it influences the reasons you work, how long you work, and what career path you follow. If you didn’t earn the income you earn now, would you be willing to do the work you do now?

Now, don’t get me wrong here, changing your money blueprint does not necessarily mean you will move into a mansion.   You may bring in more money and still choose to live in the same neighbourhood, in the same house, driving the same old car.   That’s all ok.    Changing your money blueprint though will help you save, spend and invest wisely so you can enjoy your work more and make life a whole new level of satisfying.

WORK TO LIVE OR LIVE TO WORK – When Do I Get To Enjoy Life?

Do you know that if you thought differently about the work you do, you could earn more?   Most people’s financial thermostats get set for generating thousands, not millions of dollars; some people’s financial thermostats get set for generating hundreds, not even thousands; and some people’s financial thermostats get set for earning the bare minimum or below zero.

What work would you do, if you could do work you enjoy?

Often we work because it is a means to an end – it’s what we do so that we can enjoy the weekends and live life.     If you work to live and live to work, are you enjoying life?

Do you recall your parents saying to you “learn how to make a passive income” when they spoke about money?   No, neither did mine.   Instead, it was “get a good education, and get a good job”. Or “money doesn’t grow on trees you know, work hard to earn a living” – things like that.

Can you relate?

Money Blueprint


Your money blueprint influences the decisions you make regarding money, your belief about wealth and success and how you feel about saving and spending.

If you are like me, perhaps you weren’t taught how to manage money very well. Money is something you work hard to acquire, to spend on bills. If you were lucky, you had enough leftover you to have some fun. Over the years, I have learned that a lack of money is not the problem of enjoying life or work, it’s the underlying beliefs, the blueprint that affects the results. 

Your money blueprint is stopping you from creating the life you desire. Your money blueprint is causing you stress and to live in a world of financial overwhelm.

Money is a result; wealth is a result; health is a result; illness, stress, and overwhelm are a result; your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect.

No Merna, I hear you say, I have a lack of funds, I have to rob Peter to pay Paul (not literally by the way) – to survive. Choosing fun over paying bills means money is lacking. NO.. you are wrong – you are resourceful, and you creatively work out ingenious ways of dodging or extending payments, so it’s not a lack of money. It’s your money blueprint – it’s faulty!  If you want to understand your money blueprint better – read this blog post and take the audit (it’s about halfway down the page!)

Financial awareness and wealth strategies were not topics
discussed at our dinner table.  The work we choose was often based on what we could do to earn the most, not necessarily to do what we loved.

If this resonates with you, don’t despair.. there are ways you can improve your financial awareness and understanding of wealth.


Here’s an interesting blog post on “How To Develop Better Money Habits” as a suggestion of how to change your money blueprint.   Simple, easy tips that I have tried and work for me.

The Barefoot Investor” is a book that springs to mind when thinking of wealth strategies, but if you don’t think you are up to invest just yet, why not start with something simpler like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kioysaki. He has many more books like “The Cash Flow Quadrant” and “Increase Your Financial IQ” that you will find useful also.

A classic that never seems to fade is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

There are many ways you can expand your wealth understanding.  Begin to read the “Business Insider”  and Financial Review.  Of course, they may not make much sense in the beginning, but hang in there and learn. Look up what you don’t know.

Another suggestion, spend time in your local library researching wealth and money strategies, economics and such. It’s really up to you how in-depth you go.


How you define wealth and success influences how long you work and what you do.  It also impacts on the amount of stress you are prepared to carry, as it determines the results you wish to accomplish.

We are influenced by those we associate with, which means our money blueprint and beliefs may be limited to the views of those we associate with.   If they believe they can only earn a certain amount, and limit themselves to that, so too will you.   Surrounding yourself by people who think bigger and see things differently tend to influence our way of seeing things.

Here’s a great video by a mentor of mine, speaking about what is possible and it’s a tip on how to change your money blueprint – get out and experience things your money blueprint does not deem possible.  See why they are possible, why you too could have them and let’s connect to work out a way to create this for you.

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What did you think?    Are you up for changing your money mindset and thinking differently about money?   Book an Adventure Discovery Session with me and let’s explore and expand your money blueprint.  So click here now,  – Adventure Discovery Session!   It’s FREE, it’s helpful, it’s your future.

Doing Life DifferentlyHere’s to enjoying your work more, having free time, balancing life and living stress-free!


Enjoy Everyday