Life I Enjoy

Life I Enjoy

Well, heres my blog about doing life differently and what that means to my life. The problem is that Ive been “doing” life day in day out for a while now and nothing changes. Im still “doing” the same thing – going nowhere, and feeling like Im just surviving. There has to be something more to life, love and happiness, career opportunities, business deals, learning opportunities and daily inspiration. Once I start to see the things that need to be changed in some way, life will be inspired – different – better even. I want a life i enjoy.

I enjoy the things Im doing, but there has to be a better, smarter, less stressful way to achieve what Im already doing – and more. It justs feels like all Im accomplishing is the same thing over and over – with no particular point to them.

Ive been plodding along through my life just doing the daily grind. I was in pursuit of happiness without really focusing on where I was going and with no motivation or self awareness of what I want to ultimately achieve. There has to be a reason to my existence other than to go support my family.

Hence why Ive decided that there is more to life than just “doing” the things you have to. There needs to be some inspiration, greater purpose or meaning to it. What is true happiness. Is it simply accomplishing all one desires?

I have plodded along for way too long and things have got to change. This year is the year for doing life differently. Everyone gets bogged down in just getting through the day. Then they are too exhausted to enjoy life.

Enjoying life doesnt have to be time consuming or painful. I don’t mean doing extreme sports or outlandish things all the time. Some of us just enjoy watching a good movie – but we dont do that because we feel guilty – I should be ironing, washing, mowing the lawn, cooking tea, visiting mum… there is always something more pressing that apparently needs to be done.

Enjoying life is about have the time and space to do the things you want to do. It is about being satisfied with your accomplishments. Enjoying life is about being happy with who you are and what you have achieved. Too many of us dont appreciate the little things we achieve on a daily basis. If you cook like I do – making a meal without making a mess or burning it is a BIG achievement. Sometimes just getting out of bed for the day is a major achievement for anyone who is unwell either physically or with mental health issues.

There appears to be plenty of opportunities presenting themselves if we just choose to see them. Opportunity to change your life is waiting just around the corner – you can have a life to enjoy or serious success now – just check it out.

I havent posted anything in quiet a while (hopefully because Ive actually been “doing” life) because Ive been busy sitting and procrastinating about what to do and how to do it. Ive also been considering whether what Im doing is worthwhile or interesting to anyone else.

So I sat back and decided to list some of the things Ive done differently since I started thinking about my life.

They aren’t over the top things – but each small change has and will result in some ultimate good.

The first thing I have done differently is – SET GOALS. That was excruciating – Ive never had to consider what I wanted to achieve – Ive just done it.

Well I came up with 88 so far – and its getting easier to add things to the list, once you get the hang of having goals.

Then I set out to perform them – and opportunities just seemed to appear.

The first thing Ive done – is go from full time to part time work. This was a quantum leap for me, as I need the financial security and income. I changed my thinking and started working smarter instead of harder.

I got a boarder to help with funding arrangements.

Then I committed to my study – Ive plodded along long enough..

So in order for me to do my life differently, things have to change. I have done some in depth analysis of what it is that I dont like about my life, and what I would like to achieve. Now through this blog and with the aid of all who read it – together we will work out a way to DO LIFE DIFFERENTLY.