Decrease Risk, Uncertainty & Stress of transitioning to a fulfilling career change. We explore the 2 options for a career restructure. A mindset reset. We work on ways you would get the most out of your role and career or something completely different. This involves taking your skills and knowledge and creatively transitioning into another field or your own business.

It is more in-depth and requires a nine-week/session commitment. Involving Clarity Sessions, Frustration Reviews, and Direction Sessions, the “Career Repurpose” guides you to a crystal clear vision of the life you want and assists in creating the process to secure it. Click here to Schedule a FREE Adventure Session with me to see I am a match for your needs. The “Career Repurpose” includes many of the activities in the Emotional Stamina Rebuild and Life Redesign Audit and much more. You will achieve high-level identity growth by aligning values, skills and talents and transitioning to doing. All the while building resilience as you reduce your overwhelm and replace confusion with confidence, frustration with enthusiasm and discover more drive and energy.

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