The “Emotional Wellness & Stamina Rebuild Package” – helps Identify and Decrease Stress, Reduce Risk, Increase Courage & take action as your body relaxes. We work alongside you to build emotional stamina and identify emotional triggers and develop strategies and actions to improve, maintain and build emotional resilience.

As a life engineer and personal coach I provide easy actions to unwind, relax and decrease overwhelm turning frustration to flow and freedom.  A six-week session commitment involving Clarity Sessions, Frustration Reviews, and Direction Sessions.

The “Emotional Wellness & Stamina Rebuild Package” guides you to a crystal clear vision of the life you want and assists in understanding the process to secure it. Each session includes activities to allow you to feel energised, focused and enthusiastic during your day. The action steps will assist you with decreasing stress, eliminating any frustration and overwhelm reducing confusion.

If you are seeking more adventure, constructive stress and control in your life, then I would recommend my sessions. Click Here to Schedule a  FREE “Adventure Session” with me to see I am a match for your needs.

The “Life Redesign and Career Repurpose Packages” include these things and much more. You will achieve high-level identity growth by aligning values, skills and talents to create an easier, more enjoyable life. All the while building resilience as you reduce your overwhelm and replace confusion with confidence, frustration with enthusiasm and discover more drive and energy.

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