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3 Steps to Brighten your Future..

Joyful Gratitude

Hi, are you feeling down, depressed, lost in life, unmotivated, bored and
just tired of everything…. Then you have come to the right place!

There is an answer to your problem about brightening your life… As you read this short overview they will become apparent.

You may be reading this because you realise your life is not moving forward or in the direction you want and you need to make a decision to change.

This simple and easy process that you can implement straight away to brighten your days and ultimately your future is the solution.

As you continue reading then participate in the GAPP workshops you’ll realise there are many ways to quickly get started on your path to an abundant brighter life.

During the workshop you may unearth your secret beliefs and shift your thinking and actions to make your days brighter and your future more fulfilling.

After reading this you see the potential in moving forward by booking a FREE 60 min Finally Fearless Sample Session.  When you leave this session you will have created a crystal clear vision for the future, unearthed some challenges that sabotage you and feel re-energised, and raring to go.

Now pay attention and read on carefully…. 


In the book, “Human Motivation” by David C McClelland he states that there are 3
motives that people desire… Achievement, Affiliation & Influence.

I have renamed these 3 motives to resonate with me personally… I hope, perhaps they
may also resonate with you.

Accomplishment – the ability to feel satisfied and to acknowledge that you have
achieved those things you wanted.

Belonging – the “need” to belong – to feel like you are connected to people and part of a

Credibility  – the desire to contribute and  influence – the ability to empower others.. to be the best that they can be… to inspire and motivate.  Perhaps to leave a legacy.

To me – these 3 motives add up to PASSION…

Living a life filled with passion is doable once you follow my 3 step process.

I believe, that if you are feeling down, depressed even, or simply lost in life
– you do not feel that any of these motives exist. Perhaps even you lack passion.

We all hold secret beliefs that may be holding us back in life or in business.

If you have ever done any personal development, or had counselling even.. you may
recall being asked – “What are your successes” – “What are your goals”..?

Do these questions irritate you… how can you have success if you have never achieved
anything? –  It takes a while to realize that everything is an accomplishment.. it
doesn’t have to be something like conquering a mountain, or changing the world.
I had to change my definition of success or accomplishment… now for me, it’s defined
as “something you did and where happy with the result”!

With this new viewpoint on success – or accomplishments, things changed. Now
everyday – you can achieve, accomplish and do successful things.

Belonging – is about connections – how well are you connected to those you love – or
how well do you connect with the people you meet.

Credibility – or contribution and influence is about standing out – being recognized for
your who you are… and what you do. Having authority in some field.. I never felt that I
was an authority – because I did not accomplish “anything”.

Can you recall a time, when life was fun and filled with passion and purpose… you had a
reason (and motives) – to DO things..

This rethinking then allows you to step up and take on new and exciting things…


Realizing that you are motivated by achievement, belonging and influence then may
require that you consider doing life differently. Perhaps the pattern that you follow is
old and worn and you need to create something a little more vibrant and fulfilling.

There may be thoughts, actions, feelings that you undertake daily – known or unknown –
that are holding you back. Our brain, after all – likes to take the easy path – so it creates
habits – that we do not spend time “thinking” or “assessing”, so do not even realize that
perhaps how we see things, do things and think.. are creating our dull days.

Retraining your brain – takes practice – and repetition.

Here are the steps that I recommend to help you to brighten your future.. to eliminate
pain and sadness… and to get you thinking about what lies ahead, instead of what lies

I’m going to give you the Secret to filling the Gaps in your life!

There are many studies on the mind, happiness and the emotions, once you begin
searching for them…

I have compiled my 3 Step Process, from the results of the research and readings that I
have done. It has worked for me and I know it will work for you if you choose to
implement these innovative and intuitive ideas. It will change how you feel about life,
expand your thinking and charge you to new heights.

FILLING THE GAP to a happier purposeful life

STEP 1 Gratitude

Learning to be grateful for each and everything that comes your way… and by being
open to experiencing things differently.. then also being open to receiving life in a certain

STEP 2 Appreciation

Often our minds are so caught up in all the “trouble” we see, that we become less aware
of all the good that is around us… and also of all the amazing things that are available to
us. We have lost our sense of Wonder and Amazement of daily life.

STEP 3 Positivity

Strangely enough, we are conditioned to see the negatives in situations. Did you know
that your brain scans your mind for negatives 5 times more often than it does for
positives. That means – we have a lot of work to do, if we are to stay positive.

In my search for happiness I have discovered some resources that I would like to share
with you – that will take you on a journey of discovery – and with practice and repetition
help you to create the life of your dreams (you better start dreaming bigger and
These resources are covered in my Filling the GAP workshop covering

Gratitude – the science behind being grateful and how it affects your mind and attitude,
Appreciation – changing your thinking of how to be grateful and appreciation
Positivity – how to seek out the positives in every negative.. finding silver linings.
Learn what stops you from changing your life – the certainty factor, the failure cycle,
what to value – and much more in this exciting workshop.


Funny thing is

Once you fill the GAPs in your life… you then also discover your PASSION… and find the
energy and motivation to seek ways to create a life of your dreams.

I have the answers to this search also…

Tools that you can use to assist you to fulfill your passion.. and create a different lifestyle.

So, join me in debunking your secret beliefs, and filling the gaps in your life to discover a
purpose and passion.. or to simply reignite your purpose and passion.

I look forward to seeing you there – and hope you get a feel for how excited I am about
sharing this knowledge with you.

Take Action to brighten your days…

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