Changing Your Life – 10 mins at a time.

Changing Your Life - 10 mins at a time.

10 mins a day and you could change your life

BIG GOAL —-  little goal… Building Confidence to live the life you want. 

When you accomplished your last significant achievement – were you successful because you felt you had no other option?  Or, were you in a “desperate” must-do mindset or did you really “desire” and believe you could achieve it?

If you are like most people I have spoken to and me, the goals we set are so huge we give up before things come to fruition.   We look to the result and don’t break the dream into manageable achievable, realistic tasks.

Is there something you wished to achieve but haven’t?  What happened? Now, this thing doesn’t have to be a huge dream, it could be something straightforward.   The thing is – simple or huge is different for all of us.

My simple could be your huge – or vice versa.

Moving house for me isn’t a big deal..  pack up your stuff, cart it around, and unpack it.    Yet a friend of mine dreads house moving – won’t move  – it’s such a big deal.    My simple – her vast.

Yet for both of us, the process is the same…   look for somewhere you like, find it, pack up, and move out of one place and into the other.

What makes that process achievable for me – and not her? In this instance, the difference is that I move house regularly (that’s a whole new article) – she has only moved once in her lifetime. I have “experience”, – which has made me “confident” about the process.

On the other hand, my friend is “inexperienced” and unconfident, having not had to go through the process or push herself out of her comfort zone.


How can some people live the life they want, be self-made millionaires even – others not?    What is the process to live the life you wish to – or become a millionaire?

Is there a process, or is it a fluke? I have discovered, in my opinion, the process is the same for us all.  Make the most of opportunities – act and take some calculated risks.

Living the life you want means you must honestly believe in yourself and trust your instincts. As with moving house, living the life you want is about gaining experience and confidence.  It is about tackling those things that are out of your comfort zone.  Then and only then will you develop the skills and ability to analyse situations, make the most of opportunities and learn how to make the changes you desire.


Here’s the thing – if you gave up on a dream – you probably didn’t want it bad enough.    Or the need wasn’t dire enough. Isn’t it funny how we can achieve what we want out of desperation – yet not desire?  Don’t you think it odd when you are faced with an uncomfortable situation – you can find a solution – you do whatever you have to do to survive and achieve change.

I bet if there were something you had to do – get a job to pay bills, move because of an unpleasant situation – you would find a way.  You would enlist whatever help you needed and make it happen.

Yet to live the life you want, buy your dream house, take that vacation, provide for your family and most importantly, have the lifestyle you desire – with freedom and security   – the means elude you. Was the dream so big that you had to give it away?    How badly did you want what you gave up?


I’ve been reassessing my life lately, and it occurred to me that I have achieved everything that I have set out to do.  Every time..   so why do I find it challenging to live the life I want, become a self-made millionaire, get rich and live a life of freedom?

What is it about this goal that is so unachievable?  Look at your life  –  have you achieved what you set out to? …   Anything…   go camping, find a job, get married, have kids, get a loan, – pay off a loan,  buy a house, move house/town,  buy your first car, take a trip,  master a sport, or just learn a sport, enrol in a course,  get your license, meet new people,  get your ears pierced.


So how do people get or do the things they want? Think about when you achieved or fulfilled a dream, goal or plan. What steps did you take? What help did you have? How did you feel when you succeeded.?

So there you go –   you already have the skills and ability to achieve whatever you want…   you know what to do.  Go do it.

Yet some things take a little more time than others.  Some plans are just a bit bigger than getting out of bed today.  Does anyone living the life they want, or who owns more than one investment house sit around all day?

JUST TAKE 10 minutes a day  –  create the dream, work out the process – look for the tools to achieve it, change what has to be changed and do it. 10mins a day and you could change your life… How badly do you want it or need it?  What steps do you need to take, and who might be able to help you? If you truly believe you want it – or need it…  you know you are capable of achieving it.