I want to share with you how one simple, easy action made a HUGE difference to my life, and it will do the same for yours. Improvements happen within a week of you doing this one simple step – changes you can see, and changes you aren’t even aware of. Opportunities present themselves.. Creation follows. Firstly though, here are the benefits I have received: Improved self esteem A Clearer Focus A Definite Purpose A deeper Appreciation Ability to trust Better Connections Healthier Judgement Self Belief Life Passion Commitment Dedication Enthusiasm Enjoyment Improved Memory Self Confidence Personal Awareness Personal Growth Changed Perspectives Deeper Understanding Self Improvement Motivation Extra Resilience Inner Strength Enhanced Creativity More Opportunity FUN Positive Outlook Genuine Interest in everything around me These are MY benefits, yours may be different. One thing is for sure.. whatever you want to change your life – Will change. HOW, I hear you say… FINALLY A PLACE TO START! The last few months Ive been doing some intense personal development training as a way of changing my life and I have defined the areas I want to change in my life. More on that later.. in the meantime.. this is what I have settled on to do first and I want to share some of the benefits that will change your life forever. I send cards.. its simple, easy, fun, affordable… I create printable cards online, click send and people end up with a real card in the post – addressed to them personally, with a stamp. CHANGING OLD HABITS -ways to improve your life. I never used to send cards, actually Im the kind of person who totally forgot birthdays, didn’t care about “events” in peoples lives and if I did Id rush into the card shop, grab the first cheapest card I saw and then forget to post it. My friends will tell you Im lousy as a friend when it came to birthdays… I’ll never forget a birthday again because I have the tools to make sure I don’t! I send cards for all occasions to EVERYBODY… people who help me, people who don’t help me, people who look sad, people who have something happening in their lives, people who just need a lift or a surprise. People having birthdays, anniversaries, illness, people to thank. I send photo greeting cards for no reason and lots of reasons. I first started sending cards to earn extra cash and because the programme I joined said send a card a day. Well the results make it addictive.. now I send up to 10 cards a day…it is the easiest way to change your life daily. WHY? – Let me show you the “gifts” I have received in return for this “simple” act of kindness. My life now is abundant in healthier friendships and connections, in compliments and thoughtfulness, in opportunities and potential wealth creation. Merna, I thought I would send you a card back to say thankyou for all the cards you send me. I love receiving them!! Nicole Hi Merna, I received your card in the post today and wanted to say, thank you! It really brightened my day and the timing was very appropriate. Thank you J Varina Merna, thank u so much 4 the card which I just received. My own family don’t care so its very much appreciated that u took the time 2 stop n think of me. Again thank u so much. U have no idea how much this means 2 me. Take care Barb. Thanks so much for my card, Regina A story of life Regina took the time to create a framed collage of photos of my son. This would have taken some time to compile, so I took a photo of it and sent her a printed card, …. I just wanted her to know that we appreciated the time she took and thought she may like a remembrance of the work… Thank you 4 the lovely card, it made me laugh then cry. Dee Merna, Thank you for the card with my photos in it, my family could not believe that someone would go to that much trouble for me. Erin. I wanted to say thank you for the card. It was very nice of you. Yes it is more personal than an email. Virgin I was introduced to the daughter of a lady I met once… “you know the card I have on the fridge.. this is the lady who sent it to me.” The card was simply – as I knew she was going through a tough time.. I cant believe she put it on the fridge. MORE PERSONAL BENEFITS I have sent these and many more printable cards on a prompting. Not knowing the effect they would have on people’s lives or the changes in my life that would occur. It turns out – that my cards seem to arrive at a time when people need to be reminded that they are loved or cared for… People reach out to you – for guidance, compassion, friendship, assistance – and in turn they give back to you – with learnings, new experiences and friendship. The act of sending greeting cards or thinking of you cards, will help you improve your confidence and boost your self esteem. The response to a card helps you change your attitude and enhances your personal awareness. You grow as a person by trusting your intuition and judgment. Your focus shifts to a more positive outlook. These are the changes I have experienced and I am confident that this action will affect you in this way also. How can a positive action not return positive results? I am now more aware of others and what is going on for them. I am taking the time to listen, connect and understand people. I am appreciative all that affects me – good and bad. Most importantly, I am renewing old friendships, creating new friendships and influencing people in a positive way to go beyond their current situation and change for the better. Through this act, I am being invited to coffee and lunch more regularly, I am invited to more gatherings, I have received gifts – a lady I send cards to – called one day and said – I saw this when I was shopping and thought of you… she handed me the book 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik (it’s a must read). She would never have done this for me, except that I have sent her cards and she returned the thoughtfulness.. I came to her mind . Sending a card is about more than earning extra income or financial rewards. You grow as a leader, developing the ability to manage and prioritize – and you develop a sense of belonging as your network of friends turns into a community. GENEROSITY IS CONTAGIOUS… send a card… Click here NOW Its free – tell someone you care, Let them know they are awesome That your are thinking of them, Or are sorry. Now is the time The opportunity is here… The reward IMMENSE THE INTENTION of Doing Life Differently Doing life Differently was always intended as a place to share ways to improve your life and how to change your life. It was also about looking at your life and seeing if there was some way you can GROW BIGGER. Even if your life is terrific, there is always more you can aspire to. So the intention is to look at mindsets and delve into whether or not there is more we can accomplish. To this end I am working on creating a couple of self awareness activities that I have found useful in sorting myself out. I have this tendency to follow sparkly things.. meaning, I begin things, they get difficult, tricky or obscure and I change directions. I feel more settled on a path and can see the potential – and how it will affect my future dreams. I am still following some dreams, however I have prioritised better and wanted to share in case perhaps you are one of those people – who jump from project to project, stress to stress….