Speed Thinking – Mind Improvements

Speed Thinking - Mind Improvements

Are you struggling to improve your life? Does the world feel like it’s just going faster and faster?    Have you ever looked at your desk or kitchen bench and thought –  wow, I must find time to read and remember all that information? Sometimes are you overwhelmed by all the information, problems and issues you have to think about?  I have!!  – I often feel like so many things I need to deal with that I don’t know how to start.  I often wonder if there is something out there that could aid memory improvement. I feel like I forget more than I know. Well, I’m on to something.  I came across the concept of speed thinking recently and have tried it out to solve some of my problems, and by Jove – it seems to be working.  Memory improvement has amazed me.   Now I must admit that my memory is not my strongest point.  Yet mind improvement appears to have aided my self-confidence and can improve my life considerably.   Big problems have answers – and answers that I would normally not have considered. Here is how it works.

SPEED THINKING… an extension of Speed Reading every day, we have more and more to deal with and think about.

The world is moving at a fast pace – technology is constantly changing.  How we approach our daily lives and accomplish all that we need to do is changing.

The speed thinking concept is based on the fact that everything is going faster these days, and to stay ahead, you need to think quicker.. (not easy for old slow pokes like me..however).      In today’s competitive, ever-changing world, to survive, thrive and drive change – you need to think and act quicker.  You need brain improvement and memory improvement.   Positive thinking alone does not create wealth.

Mind mapping, speed reading, more recently, photo reading have been around for a long time. Speed Thinking expands on Mind Mapping and aids Memory improvement and problem-solving. Rather than putting the idea in the middle and branching out like mind mapping, it uses a circular concept – and works more to time frames.  Having specific short time frames aids stress management because it decreases procrastination. Our current thinking methods are linear – and I have discovered restrictive.  We follow the process of working through ideas systematically and logically – weighing up pros and cons to achieve a result.

Communication improvement is the key – thinking outside the box – daring to be different, and trying new things. Speed thinking is about quick results – that is creative.. nothing is too out there –   the idea is it has to happen fast.  Eliminating procrastination is part of self-improvement training, which eliminates excuses, failure, fear and blame.  You get started because you are safe to come up with anything. There is no linear logic applied.. (until later).

HOW IT WORKS…   In 2 minutes, come up with 9 solutions to your problem.. (not easy Jan)  I recommend you work on your creative streak to change your life. Don’t be afraid to put in things that don’t appear logical.  This is the whole purpose of speed thinking – to extend yourself and stretch your mind improvement.   It is particularly hard to let go of past traits and techniques to do the process differently.

Once you have the answers in a circle – cross-link them – and not to what would be sensible.. link them to different concepts – this helps you come up with out there solutions which extends your memory improvement and brain improvement.  You then select the one you feel comfortable with and work further on it.

The approach is SEBA  – Start, Evaluate, Build (on the ideas), then Act… it’s not a linear process either – you can evaluate and then start again, or build then evaluate  – you get the drift. The emphasis is on Starting.. which is why the 2 minute time frame applies. Otherwise, we procrastinate and think. and eventually, file it in the too-hard basket.

Speed thinking is doing life differently.. and working on your inner resources simultaneously.. it’s about trusting your intuition etc. IVE TRIED IT…  and got somewhere… Here is how it worked for a friend wishing to start her own business.

We sat down, and in 2 minutes, I asked for nine topics. She did the usual – equipment, product, marketing, costs – then she threw in – headaches and kids… When we expanded on some of the suggestions, the headaches and kids seemed to link in well.  At the time she said them I thought “whoa.. weird”.

Later, however, they did link together, and we were able to work out a relevant workable approach for her to get her business started. And the whole process took – 1 hour…   it got her started and on her way… Check out the book by Ken Hudson – at www.thespeedthinkingzone.com. Then theres the natural brilliance concept –   which I will expand on at another time. And Paul R Scheele’s Photo Reading concept… For now, concentrate on speed thinking…